Topics in Environmental Studies – Our Sustainable Future

Taught by Heather Lynch, Membership Operations Coordinator, AASHE (Former SMC Director of Sustainability)

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary field, therefore this course will examine environmental issues from the perspectives of the humanities, social sciences, and the natural sciences. Environmental problems require solutions that involve sound science, workable public policy, viable and ethical economic strategies.  They also require passionate, motivated and dedicated people willing to roll up their sleeves and dive in whole-body.  In this course, you will learn to critically assess the impacts of human actions on the environment, to understand the methods and value of interdisciplinary study, and will develop the vocabulary and awareness necessary to understand and evaluate current environmental issues.  Topics we will study include global climate change, energy, food, water and human population growth and consumption.  As these topics and issues can become overwhelming, we will utilize the campus and our own lifestyle choices to examine and become aware of our impacts on the planet. Together, we will focus on actions (our own and others) that will make a sustainable future attainable.

Syllabus and Overview

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