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Your Gift at Work

Kevin Jeter '20

Major: Economics and English, Music Minor

Eden Prairie, MN

Saint Michael’s College “encourages students to chase their dreams,” noted scholarship recipient Kevin Jeter ’20. As a student, Kevin is a leader both on the field and in the community, serving as a Captain of the Cross-Country Team and the Founder of TEDxSaintMichaelsCollege.

For Kevin, Saint Michael’s became a “home away from home.” Under the guidance of Professor William Marquess, he undertook a summer research project to study how Margaret Atwood uses her trilogy, Madadam, to demonstrate the risks of unrestrained genetic engineering. Of his academic experience, he noted, “All of my professors have ensured that I find creative solutions to problems. The challenge presented inspires me to do more and work harder.”

And Kevin indicated his plans to keep giving back, “The opportunities at Saint Mike’s have forever changed my life and it’s because of alumni support that my College experience is possible. I hope that someday, I will be able to pay it forward because SMC is an incredible part of my life.”

Your Gift at Work

Hailee Poulin ‘20

Major: Biology, Chemistry Minor

Salisbury, MA

Summer Research at Saint Michael’s allows talented students like Hailee Poulin ’20 to explore interests in their fields. Hailee, for example, explored the relationships of neurotransmitters and the complexity of the nervous system in Central American Hunting spiders.

When asked about someone who was influential at Saint Mike’s, Hailee spoke of Professor Fabian Fine, who also guided Hailee’s summer research. Hailee described how Professor Fabian Fine “makes the academic community the fostering and uplifting place that people like to call home.”

Hailee noted the benefits of a liberal arts education, saying, “My Liberal Studies Curriculum education has become an asset to my undergraduate experience and I will be able to use the skills I have acquired as I advance further in my learning. They push me to use a different approach in questioning and thinking as a whole.”

Your Gift at Work

Vanessa Bonebo ‘20

Major: Biology

West Springfield, MA


Saint Michael’s College helped Vanessa to find her voice and advocate for not only herself, but the movements she stands for. Vanessa is a leader in the Center for Multicultural Affairs and the Vice-President of the Martin Luther King Jr. Society.

When asked about who has influenced her life most at Saint Mike’s, Vanessa points to three different people: Kimoi Seale, Assistant Dean of Students; Heidi St. Peter, Assistant Director of Academic Support; and Declan McCabe, Ph.D., Professor of Biology. As Vanessa puts it, “They have helped to guide through good times and bad, always make sure that I stay motivated, and always support me.”


Your Gift at Work

Greg Hamilton ’16

Major: Chemistry

Upton, MA


Summer Research at Saint Michael’s allows talented students like Greg Hamilton ’16 to explore interests in their fields. Greg, for example, explored solvatochromism. Greg can easily tell you that it is a practice of putting dyes into solvents, and then analyzing and quantifying them for changes through various instruments. (Solvatochromism is commonly used in many fields of chemical and biological research.) 

When asked about someone who was influential during his time at St. Mike’s, Greg spoke about Professor Findley, who also guided Greg’s summer research. Greg spoke about Professor Findley’s willingness to spend time with his students.

Greg noted the benefits of a liberal arts education, saying “I was a chemistry major and was very much ingrained in the sciences…but I was able to take other classes that I’ve always wanted to take, like political science and philosophy.” Greg was also involved with MOVE’s extended service trips and Campus Ministry’s LEAP retreats, which helped Greg get to know some of the faculty and staff. “I do like a small school a lot.  A lot of what comes out are the personal connections and getting to know people.”

As a scholarship recipient, Greg indicated the support “definitely helped me out a lot, and that was one of the reason that made St. Mike’s more financially affordable for me and my family.”

Greg Hamilton

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