Pass/No Pass FAQ’s for Graduate Students

What is Pass/NoPass?

As long as you pass the course—i.e. earn a C or higher (there is no D in our graduate programs)—you would receive full credit for a course but no letter grade.  Instead, you will receive a “P” on your transcript, and the grade will not be factored into your GPA.  A grade of NP does not earn course credits, and the course will not be applicable toward any requirements. But the course will not factor into your major or overall GPA. There will be no F grades for the Spring 2020 semester.

Can I take any spring 2020 course Pass/No Pass?

Yes—Required courses and electives can all be taken Pass/No Pass.

Can any student take a course Pass/No Pass?

Students pursuing Vermont educational licensure cannot take an Education course Pass/No Pass.    

Is there a limit on how many spring 2020 courses I can take Pass/No Pass?


 What grade counts as a Pass?

As stated above, any grade for which Saint Michael’s grants course credit, which is a C or higher at the graduate level.   

How do I change a course to Pass/NoPass?

You need to fill out the Pass/Fail Grading Request Form.

What is the deadline for deciding?

Tuesday May 12th at 12pm. This is after you have received your final grades.


What if I already filled out a Pass/Fail form?

We will process your request beginning on the 12th unless you inform us you would like to keep the letter grade. All students will see an A-F letter grade in Knightvision before May 12th. Ps and NPs will only appear in Knightvision and on your transcripts after that time.


How will graduate schools look at Pass/No Pass grades?

While graduate institutions likely will have to make exceptions for the spring of 2020, we don’t know this for certain.  Students worried about this question should consider completing the specific classes for a letter grade and shouldn’t make any decisions without consulting their advisor.