COVID-19 Committee Members

Saint Michael’s College is dedicated to protecting the safety of our students, faculty and staff as the College prepares to Return to Campus. Below is a list of members of our community that are working hard to plan the safe return to campus.

Members of the Executive Policy Group

This Executive Policy Group is made of senior administrators and members of the College’s Emergency Management Team who are most involved with planning and actions related to COVID-19.

Lorraine Sterritt President
Fr. Brian Cummings Director of Campus Ministry
Jonathan D’Amore Chief of Staff, President’s Office
Krystyna Davenport Brown Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Dawn Ellinwood Vice President for Student Affairs
Kristin McAndrew Vice President Enrollment and Marketing
Rob Robinson Vice President for Finance and Administration
Jeffery Trumbower Vice President of Academic Affairs
Doug Babcock Director of Public Safety
Alex Bertoni Director of Marketing and Communications
Mary Masson Director of Student Health Services
Tara Natarajan Dean of Faculty
Kendra Smith Director of Human Resources

Members of the COVID Advisory Council

This COVID Advisory Council is a volunteer committee made up of students, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to the College and seeing that there is an ample flow of ideas and feedback both to and from the St. Mike’s Community and College administration as it relates to COVID-19.

Douglas S. Babcock Director of Public Safety
Alessandro Bertoni Director of Marketing and Communications
Vanessa D. Bonebo ‘ Student
Denise Brault Executive Assistant to the VPAA and Dean of the Faculty
Renee A. Breault Head Athletic Trainer
Kathleen Butts Director of Personal Counseling
Laura Crain Director of Library and Information Services
Kathryn R. Dungy Professor of History
Timothy J Dusablon Manager of Academic Technology Infrastructure
Antonio M. Finsterer Student
Peter Harrigan Professor of Fine Arts
Daviah D. Lawrence Resident Director, Student Affairs
Mark Lubkowitz Professor of Biology
Emilie C. Marcotte Associate Director, Human Resources
Mary C. Masson Director of Student Health Services
Tenley A Mazerolle Student
Antonia Messuri Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Ingrid Peterson Director, Career Education Center
Tucker P. Raymond Student
Joel D. Ribout Senior Associate Director of Facilities
Andrea G. Rodriguez Trochez Resident Director, Student Affairs
Sydney D. Rybicki Resident Director/Assistant Director of Student Activities, Student Affairs
Lara E Scott Associate Director Campus Ministry for Community Service
Patricia Siplon Professor of Political Science, Director of Public Health
Jeff Vincent Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life and Community Standards