COVID Alert Levels

Please note: Alert Levels depend heavily on the guidance of the State of Vermont and the Vermont Department of Health and may be altered accordingly. The community will be notified when alert levels and related requirements are altered.  


At alert level green, the prevalence of the virus is low in Vermont and rate of infection is declining. Risk of outbreak is low, and some health and safety guidelines are eased.

State of Vermont permitting, this level allows for increases in core activities, travel within Vermont, and allows increased gathering sizes while maintaining individual precautions. When we are ready to this level as a campus, current state guidance will be evaluated to determine what activities may be allowed. Expectations will be clearly defined and communicated to our community prior to moving to a Green COVID Alert Level.


At alert level yellow, the prevalence of the virus is low in Vermont and rate of infection is stable. Possibility of outbreaks remains, so all health and safety guidelines are still in place, with some requirements eased.

If health conditions and state of Vermont guidance allow, the yellow level will see slightly more restrictive guidelines if moving from Green, or slightly eased restrictions if moving from an Orange Level. Changes may allow for moderate density and resuming forms of daily activities, including indoor activities, and local travel.

Current Level


At alert level orange, the prevalence of the virus is high in Vermont and rate of infection is increasing.

The campus community is expected to remain at Orange for several weeks while all students arrive, complete two rounds of COVID-19 testing, and begin classes. It is critical that all health and safety measures are followed and that restrictions are adhered to in order to minimize the risk of exposure. By acting responsibly as individuals and working together, we can start the semester with a healthy campus.

Health and Safety Requirements

  • Masks must be worn whenever outside of living areas, including outdoors when in the presence of others.
  • Maintain strict physical distancing.
  • Weekly surveillance testing is required for students and offered to employees.
  • Limit outdoor groups to five or fewer–masks required.
  • Submit daily health affirmation.

Residential Areas 

  • No visitors (including St. Mike’s students) to rooms/apartments/suites.
  • No off-campus visitors (including St. Mike’s students living off campus) are permitted at any time – including outdoors.
  • Gatherings indoors are only permitted with individuals in your identified “household” or “micro-group” only (See household definition).


  • Until all arrival results are in and there is a sense of the campus’ status, dining in Alliot is likely to be take-out only.
  • No eating of meals in indoor public spaces, including Dion.
  • Einstein’s is take-out only (check hours).
  • Café Cheray will be open for take-out once in-person classes begin (check hours).


  • Off-campus trips allowed only for essentials (e.g., work, shopping for necessities).
  • Emergency requests to travel off campus for family events (e.g., funeral), must be made to and must be verified by a family member (parent or guardian) to the same email address. Returning from such trips may require an on campus quarantine in Ryan Hall prior to returning to your residence.


  • Classes can be held in-person once arrival testing results confirm low prevalence of virus in the community. In-person labs are permitted with approval from Academic Dean.


  • Students are permitted to go to their on-campus or off campus jobs as long as all health and safety guidelines are followed.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Meetings should be held remotely (via Zoom) – if in person, they must be outdoors, masked, and no greater than five people.

Campus Offices and Facilities

  • Access is limited. Check offices and services page for current hours and availability.


At alert level red, the prevalence of the virus is high in Vermont and on campus and rate of infection is increasing.

At this level, classes are likely to be remote, dining only take-out, and gatherings strictly limited.