S-STEM Scholarship Requirements:  Saint Michael’s College Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) are available to qualifying students through a competitive process.  Applicants must have financial need, be academically strong, and plan to complete:

  • a double major in a life science and a quantitative field OR
  • a major in a life science with a minor in a quantitative field  OR
  • a major in a quantitative field with a minor in a life science.

Eligible life sciences include biology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental science, and neuroscience.  Quantitative fields that qualify are computer science, data science, mathematics, and statistics.  Students need not be currently declared in these combinations to apply, but must declare a suitable combination in order to finalize the award process.  Along with academic strength and financial need, applications will be judged by how well they meet the committee’s goals of promoting a work force in the life sciences with strong quantitative and computational skills.  These scholarships are renewable for four years provided students continue to make progress in both disciplines, maintain a 3.0 average, and have financial need.  Award amounts will be determined by the S-STEM committee with a maximum annual award of $10,000.

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