Anjanette DeCarlo, Ph.D Instructor of Sociology and Anthropology

Anjanette DeCarlo


Ph.D, University of Vermont

Dr. Anjanette DeCarlo is currently Chief Sustainability Scientist at the Aromatic Plant Research Center, where she conducts field research and ecological supply chain analysis on aromatic species. She also directs the Save Frankincense initiative. Dr. DeCarlo received her doctorate in Natural Resources and Environment from the University of Vermont and has worked on post-conflict evaluations of natural assets and environmental projects all around the world, some of which include Somaliland, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and China. Previously, Dr. DeCarlo was the Program Director of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. She also worked for the Natural Resources Defense Council and UN UNSO Office in New York City. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors of Somaliland Biodiversity Foundation and National Parks Conservation Association. Recently, Dr. DeCarlo’s work on frankincense was highlighted on CNN Inside Africa, the New York Times, and National Geographic.

Recent News

Anjanette DeCarlo of the Saint Michael’s anthropology/sociology adjunct faculty is one of the world’s leading authorities on frankincense, well-known from the story of the Three Magi visiting the baby Jesus after His birth as one of the gifts they bore (and also used to this day widely in Catholic liturgies around the world). However, it is becoming ever scarcer for a variety of reasons, and before Christmas, Catholic News Service ran a story about that, extensively quoting Anjanette.
(posted February 2021)