Commencement 2020

December Graduation

Because of COVID-19 restrictions on travel and gatherings, we will not be able to host a December graduation event this year.  It’s a wonderful accomplishment for any person, but especially for those finishing up during these difficult times. But unfortunately, we won’t be able to celebrate that accomplishment as a community in person.

Please plan to participate in the spring commencement events with your classmates. More information about that event will be available in the spring semester – and we’ll be sure to keep you and other December graduates included in that communication.  Congratulations to our December graduates!

Celebrating the Class of 2020

On Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Saint Michael’s College will host a commencement ceremony for the Class of 2020. All graduates, families and friends are invited to join the online ceremony by clicking the box below.

Watch the Commencement Ceremony

To take part in the Baccalaureate Mass, provided by the Society of Saint Edmund, please click here

Faculty and staff will join together with President Lorraine Sterrittmembers of the Board of Trustees, and countless alumni to celebrate the Class of 2020 and all they have accomplished. 

This virtual ceremony will be an important way to honor your achievements now while plans are made for an on-campus, in-person ceremony in June of 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs at

Commencement Exercises

Rev. Lino Oropeza ’11 SSE
Edmundite Campus Ministry

Welcome Remarks
Jeffrey A. Trumbower, PhD
Vice President for Academic Affairs

D. E. Lorraine Sterritt, PhD
President of the College

Recognition of Award Recipients
D. E. Lorraine Sterritt, PhD
President of the College
Katherine Fairbanks Memorial Award
Father Prevel Memorial Award
Graduate Address Lucas Heath M’20
Senior Address Maura C. Dodge ’20

Faculty and Staff Well-Wishes
Tara Natarajan, PhD
Dean of the Faculty

Conferring of Degrees in Course
D. E. Lorraine Sterritt, PhD
President of the College

Welcome to Saint Michael‘s College Alumni Association
George Bowen ‘92
President, Alumni Association

Rev. Marcel Rainville ’67, SSE
Board of Trustees, Chair

Closing Music and Video

Musical Selections

“You’re Gonna Miss This”
by Trace Adkins
Phillip S. Stamp ’20, vocals and guitar

“River and Roads”
by The Head and the Heart
Rachel High ’20, vocals
Hattie Wilczewski ’20, vocals
Alexander Bigelow ’19, guitar

Written and performed by Ronald Russell ‘20

Drop D Medley:
“Green, Green Rocky Road” (trad.; arr. Dave Van Ronk)
“Here Am I, Send Me” (Charles A. Tindley; arr. William Ellis)
“Pay Day” (trad.; arr. William Ellis)
William Ellis, PhD
Professor of Fine Arts

Well Wishes for the Class of 2020

“Congratulations to the class of 2020! I know it’s not the end to your years at SMC that you had envisioned – but you will be ready to rise to any occasion and take on any challenges that the present and future bring due, in large part, to your education at SMC. I graduated over 20 years ago and look forward to weekly zoom’s with my SMC roommates. We see and talk to each other more now than we have since graduation. The SMC community and bonds are strong. Be safe, be well and find a way to recognize and celebrate all you have achieved!”

– Kate Brooks ’98

“I can’t imagine how my senior year would have changed if campus closed down and the end-of-year ceremonies were cancelled. My heart is with all of you as graduation time approaches and you’re not able to celebrate as a class. The reason I chose to go to St. Mike’s was because of the strong sense of community I felt when I stepped onto the campus. I’m sure now, more than ever, that the SMC community is helping everyone to be keep their heads up. This is a surreal time in history that we’re living through, and it will give us stories to tell future generations. I encourage everyone to take this time to reflect on what you’re grateful for, before the hustle-and-bustle of our once normal lives returns.”

– Allison Lazarz ’05

“Hey Class of 2020, Mike here in New York. As you can see I graduated in 1986 which to you guys can be considered ancient times. I spent 4 years at SMC and it still is the best 4 years of my life. I know how disappointed you are to miss commencement and P-Day(not sure if it’s the same now but boy would I miss P-Day ;). You guys have I’m sure made great friends there that will outlast any virus that can be thrown at us. My best friends in the world I made there and we still get together all the time. Disappointment is natural but you got through this you can get through anything. Congratulations and best wishes you worked hard and you earned everything. Welcome to our family of dedicated Alumni, if any of you are passing through Albany NY let me know, we can grab a beer and toast your graduation. I’m sure a beer is still an SMC tradition :)”

– Mike Sullivan ’86

“Congratulations, SMC graduates. You have made good friends at St. Mike’s – my encouraging advice for you all is to KEEP YOUR COLLEGE FRIENDS. You will make other acquaintances at work and in your new world, but your St. Michael’s friends will likely be special. You have been through a lot together, on campus and off, especially with these trying times of the virus. This spring was surely not as you envisioned; we are all sad for the loss of the special times your graduation on campus would have brought you. Stay healthy and strong – and keeps your St. Michael’s friendships the same – [mine continue over 50 years]. Cheers, and, again, Congratulations!”

– Thomas Kelley Jr. ’69

“Hello Grads, Congrats on graduating from one of the best Catholic liberal arts colleges in the world! What you have learned at St. Mike’s, both in the classrooms and among your friends, will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. You will be pleasantly surprised with the number of SMC alum that you will run into through work, where you reside and in other pursuits such as sports, church, the arts and travel. Anytime I learn of another St. Mike’s person who has moved in nearby or works in the area I make a point to reach out to that person, either to offer assistance if needed, or just to say hi and welcome. Our SMC family is wonderful and always ready to be there for you. I am sure this current situation has been especially hard on you with having to leave campus early and not sharing in the traditional graduation ceremony, but that in no way diminishes what you have accomplished. Take care and God Bless You.”

– Carl Roof ’68

“Hi SMC 2020 Graduates, As you know,often our many Blessings are wrapped in heavy Burdens.I suggest that you reflect deeply on those Blessings, remembering that “ gratitude is the antidote for fear and anxiety”! This is a time when your SMC training will you to adapt, adjust, and overcome any setback that you experience! As my Immigrant father used to remind us during rough times:”LaSperanza e l’utimo a morier!”-“Hope is the last to die!” IN GOD WE TRUST Peace, John”

– John I Barbati ‘ 54

“Dear SMC Seniors – May the wonderful moments of learning, friendship and campus life in the beautiful state of Vermont be the memories that you carry forward from your experience at SMC. Don’t let the disappointment and uncertainty that you are feeling now cloud your feelings of joy and accomplishment – your family, friends, teachers and alums are so proud of you. Congratulations!”

– Jackie Kirby Keady ’81

“I am a Purple Knight from the class of ’87 and I am a proud father of a 2020 graduate, Colby Jordan.  My graduation day was a memorable event on a sunny day, and we filled the Ross Sports Center.  Colby will graduate from his home on a chili day with no classmates by his side.  Obviously, no one planned such a graduation and no one desires such a graduation.  But, no class will be more prepared to meet the challenges of the world than a class that lived through the Spring of 2020 and all the insanity COVID-19 brought upon the world.  It’s cliche to say “no class will be better prepared”, but if you really look at it, it’s true for all of you.  For the rest of your life you will better understand the fragility and unpredictability of our world, markets, health, relationships….  You will better appreciate the simple things in life that make every day special and worthwhile…. You won’t take anything for granted…. You will work harder and love stronger…. You will wake up every morning and reflect on the Spring of 2020 and use that memory as a catalyst to live your best life that day.  Yes, we are in a trough of tough times right now, but the only way going forward is up.  You will all achieve great things in your life and you will be better at your achievements from your experiences this semester.  I hope you truly believe that…I do.  Lastly, a call out to Colby with a 1-4-3.”

– John Jordan ’87