Saint Michael's College academics

Challenged to exceed; supported to succeed

At Saint Michael’s, you will be academically prepared to excel in careers that are both personally fulfilling and professionally challenging. We accomplish this by fostering an environment where deep dialogue and reflection over the issues that matter occur in the classroom, and beyond. You will be empowered to apply your knowledge in real world situations by faculty-scholars who balance challenge and support, so you are pushed beyond your comfort zone and have the permission to try new things while building pathways to succeed.

The liberal arts for the best outcomes

As a liberal arts institution, you will study a broad spectrum of subjects while pursuing a course of study in a chosen major(s). This prepares you for success after college in a world of work which is rapidly changing and requires professionals who can understand and appreciate complex and changing inter-dependencies. A proven liberal arts education like that of Saint Michael’s does just that. Also, because we know students are often inspired by different interests, we allow you to have the flexibility to pursue multiple majors or multiple minors. Combining interests like business administration and fine art; or biology and education; or psychology and environmental studies are just a few examples of how you can expand your academic experience, and future marketability.

It’s about more than you

It is not all about your personal success, however. You will also be asked to explore your role in the world, and how you can be a force for positive change. You will participate in service projects through your academic work, but also through your student-life experience. You will find this sense of how you can lift others up and help improve the human condition a kind of spiritual work, whether you are religious or not.

By the time you graduate, you will be not only equipped to do well in your career, but driven to do good in in the world.

Majors and Minors

Explore your academic interests

Whether you already know what your academic interests are, have multiple areas of interest, or are entirely unsure of what you want to major in, you will find over 40 majors to research and select from. Many students find our flexible structuring of your core and your major, gives you opportunities to double major or to pursue more than one minor.

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Graduate Programs

Education. TESOL. Psychology.

Saint Michael's offers Graduate Programs in Education; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL); and Clinical Psychology. In addition to our Master's Degree Programs, the College also offers numerous Vermont Teacher Licensure and Endorsement Programs, as well as a Post-Bachelor’s and a Post-Master’s Certificate.

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Study abroad

Full semesters, academic study trips, and more

Choose from more than 100 study abroad programs in countries spanning the globe. Where will you go? How about Argentina, Tanzania, China, Denmark or England? Or what about diving to study the coral reefs in the Bay of Pigs in Cuba?

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Pursue your academic ambitions

Honors Opportunities

Demonstrate your potential to succeed in a highly rigorous program of study and you can be invited to join the Honors Program. Saint Michael's is also one of only 280 institutions in the country, and one of only four Catholic colleges in the Northeast, to shelter a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's oldest and most widely known academic honor society. You can also seek an invitation to an honor society with your field of study.

Your success is our mission

Academic Support

As part of your education you will learn how to balance work, study, and play. Saint Michael's provides these free services to you for assistance with your academic concerns. Behind this, is our very strong philosophy that guides our daily work in the Academic Enrichment Commons.

Give life to your passions

Academic Centers

Our Academic Centers connect students, faculty, staff, the community and external specialists to promote interdisciplinary study and understanding. Give voice to your commitments and convictions in issues of peace and justice, faith and culture, multiculturalism, social science, women and gender.