Housing and Dining

At St. Mike’s, we believe that success stems from more than just the classroom. While furthering their academic pursuits, students become immersed in a community where they eat, sleep, socialize, get involved, develop lifelong friendships, and become better citizens.

Our campus is a community where our students not only eat, sleep, and study, but socialize, get involved, develop lifelong friendships and become better citizens. Conveniently located throughout campus and with various layouts, room sizes, and roommate capacities, our residence halls and student apartments are sure to make you feel comfortable and at home.

77 % of Saint Michael's First-Year students reported that their peers were friendly, supportive, and helped them feel as if they belonged

(compared with 58% at all NSSE Schools)

Only a ten minute walk from the farthest residence hall, the Green Mountain Dining Room is open daily from early morning until night and serves three meals a day with unlimited servings. You’re sure to find some favorites on the menu, which changes daily and includes a variety of main dishes, pizza, a deli counter, burritos, grill specialties, chef’s exhibitions, custom salads, soups, and desserts. Vegetarian options are available for every meal and most offer vegan specialties as well. With Cheray Café located in the academic buildings and Einstein’s Bagels in the student center, you’ll find that our dining options offer something for everyone, just about any hour of the day or evening.

Living at Saint Michael's

One of St. Mike's most essential qualities is that we are a residential college - almost all of our students live on campus. From traditional residence halls and suites to apartments and townhouses, you'll have plenty of living options over your four years on campus and our Resident Life staff is here to make Saint Michael's feel like home.

Students chat in the Green Mountain Dining Room in Alliot Hall at Saint Michael's College.

Dining at Saint Michael's

The dining services at Saint Michael’s offer fresh foods and healthy meal choices to our students, faculty, and staff so the community is always at its best.