Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts (MOVE)

What if doing well and doing good weren’t mutually exclusive? At Saint Michael’s, we draw on compassion, education, and advocacy as we respond to the world’s largest challenges.

Blending intellect with empathy.

Our Mission

Through the MOVE organization, we seek to expand the concept of community service — embracing social justice and deepening our connection to the world, as defined by Catholic social teaching.

We live this truth by giving students opportunities to go outside their comfort zones and help others; to work together; and to participate through service trips and local programs.

To fulfill our mission of service and activism, we aim:

  • To meet the community’s unserved needs by focusing the energy and creativity of our students on effective and necessary volunteer programs.
  • To forge partnerships with members of the surrounding communities (with a particular focus on the city of Winooski) to build relationships, improve dialogue, and share resources.
  • To provide leadership development to student leaders, with the intention of raising awareness about social justice issues and nurturing lifelong engaged citizens for our world.

Not every student comes to Saint Michael’s with the intention to volunteer. But once they’re here, most are inspired to do so as they see its importance in the community.

COVID-19 Updates

Due to COVID-19, MOVE has had to make some changes to how we will operate. If you have any questions, please email

How do I sign up for a MOVE program?

Sign up sheets are posted on the MOVE Bulletin Board on first floor Alliot. Stop by and sign up!

Where do I meet for the program I am doing?

Program Leaders communicate with volunteers specifically where to meet. Many programs meet outside unless weather does not permit.

What is expected of me in order to participate in MOVE programs?

All participants must be symptom free, and adhere to all campus, state, and community partner COVID guidelines in order to participate. Please remember, we impact each other and when participating in MOVE community service we also impact our larger community.

MOVE Office Hours