Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Download a copy of our Saint Michael’s College Class Grid.

Fall 2020
August 31 Classes Begin
September 7 Labor Day (classes as usual)
September 8 Last Day of Drop/Add Period
September 27-28 Yom Kippur (classes as usual)
September 29 Feast of St. Michael (classes as usual)
September 30 Break Day
October 27 Break Day
November 6 Last Day to Withdraw from a Course
November 16 Feast of St. Edmund (classes as usual)
November 25 – November 27 Thanksgiving Break
November 30 – December 11 Classes Resume (Remote)
December 12 – December 13 Study Days
December 14 – December 18 Final Exams (Remote)

Spring 2021
Jan 25 Monday Classes Begin (Remote)
Feb 2 Tuesday Last Day of Drop/Add Period
Feb 4 Thursday In-Person Instruction Begins
Feb 25 Thursday Break Day
Mar 24 Wednesday Break Day
Apr 13 Tuesday Break Day
Apr 23 Friday Last Day to Withdraw from a Course
May 5 Wednesday Last Day of Classes
May 6 Thursday Study Day
May 7 Friday Exam Day
May 8 Saturday Exam Day
May 9 Sunday Study Day
May 10 Monday Exam Day
May 11 Tuesday Exam Day
May 12 Wednesday Exam Day
May 16 Sunday Commencement

Final Exam Schedule Spring 2021

For more information on the Spring Semester, break days and COVID-19 health guidelines, click here.