Transfer Students

If you’re looking to make a change in your college experience, consider transferring to Saint Michael’s College where an inviting community is ready to welcome you and help provide a smooth transition.

Transfer to Saint Michael’s College and Receive Two Courses Tuition Free

Students who transfer to SMC will be eligible for two tuition free courses and/or credit bearing internships (total of eight credits) through our fully online or blended on-campus Accelerated Summer College during the summer directly following the semester they enroll:

  • New transfer students who are admitted for spring 2020 and remain enrolled full time through 2020-2021 are eligible for eight tuition-free credits during an ASC session in Summer 2021.
  • The tuition free courses available through ASC offered do not include online winter sessions or residential fees for blended on-campus session.
  • A transfer candidate is a student who has completed at least one full time semester of college (12 or more credits).
  • Students are responsible for course materials fees, estimated at $100 per course.

Are you a Vermonter? Vermont students who transfer can learn more about our Home State Promise here

At St. Mike’s, we work to ensure:

Your education will be affordable and you’ll graduate on time

Attend our Accelerated Summer College where you can complete up to an entire semester in just a summer.

You’ll acclimate, find friends, and get up to speed quickly

Comprehensive, and personalized orientation activities help you learn campus and make connections quickly.

Transfer students arrive at St. Mike’s with different needs than a typical first-year student. We are familiar with those needs and how to ensure each transfer student gets the individual attention they need to be a success.