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Every year, we welcome new transfer students to Saint Michael’s College. We are familiar with those needs and how to ensure each transfer student gets the individual attention they need to be a success. If you’re looking to make a change in your college experience, consider transferring to Saint Michael’s College where an inviting community is ready to welcome you and help provide a smooth transition.

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Applying is Free & Straightforward

Apply as a New Transfer Candidate

Transfer applicants should submit the undergraduate application, indicating all previous course work and accounting for time spent away from formal education. Transfer applicants are not required to submit test scores or professor recommendations but they will be considered if included with the application. You may be asked to submit a mid-semester grade report during the decision process.

Step 1: Submit your application.

Add Saint Michael’s College to your Common Application or complete our Saint Michael’s Application. Choose the one that works best for you, there is no application fee to apply to Saint Michael’s.

Step 2: Submit your official final High School Transcript.

Step 3: Submit your official College Transcript(s).


Common App    Saint Michael’s App

Applied to Saint Michael’s Before? Welcome back!

If you have applied to Saint Michael’s College in the last year, you may reapply by submitting the following:

"Transitioning from some in-person classes at my junior college to everything in-person at St. Mike's was probably the easiest thing even though I was a junior and knew no one. St. Mikes has a very warm and comforting culture that makes you feel valued and appreciated."

Tristian Du Plessis ‘24

Transfer Requirements

In order to transfer to St. Mike’s, you must fill the following requirements:

To be accepted as a transfer student at Saint Michael’s College, you must be in good academic and administrative standing at your former or present institution.

Transferring Credit

Provided the courses correspond to offerings at Saint Michael’s, credit may be transferred for work completed at accredited colleges with a grade of C- or better*. We will need to receive an official transcript of such credits prior to admission in order for them to be considered.

Keep in mind, some students may need to pass an examination to determine his/her readiness to enter a course or program.

Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum of 32 credits must have been earned at Saint Michael’s College
  • At least one quarter of the credits used to satisfy major and minor requirements must be earned at Saint Michael’s College, or through a college-approved study-abroad or study-away program
  • 24 of the final 32 credits must be taken at Saint Michael’s College

As a transfer student, your advanced standing will be officially recorded by the registrar once you have successfully completed one full year at Saint Michael’s College. Because each student’s situation is different, we will work with you to determine the remaining requirements you will need to fulfill to graduate from Saint Michael’s College.

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Transfer Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

All accepted transfer candidates are automatically considered for generous merit-based scholarships in recognition of academic achievement and promise. The transfer student merit scholarships listed below are awarded based on college GPA. Each student can be awarded only one transfer merit scholarship. If a student were to qualify for more than one, the more prestigious scholarship would be awarded.

In addition to the merit scholarships listed below:

Need-Based Aid

Students who submit the FAFSA are automatically considered for need-based aid: Saint Michael’s and federal grants, student loans and work-study

Phi Theta Kappa

Students who have been inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society automatically qualify for an additional $2,500 Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship (renewed annually).

Home State Promise

New incoming students who are Vermont residents will be guaranteed Saint Michael’s scholarships and grants totaling a minimum of $30,000 per year. Learn more

Merit Scholarships for Transfer Students

Canterbury Scholarship

Named in honor of Saint Edmund who was Archbishop of Canterbury, the Canterbury Scholarship recognizes transfer students with the highest level of academic excellence. The Canterbury Scholarship is valued at $29,000 per year and is awarded to transfer students.

Prevel Scholarship

Named in honor of the Very Reverend Amand Prevel, first President of Saint Michael’s College, the Prevel Scholarship recognizes transfer students with high academic achievement. The Prevel Scholarship is valued at $27,000 per year and is awarded to transfer students.

Saint Anne Scholarship

The Saint Anne Scholarship recognizes transfer students with high academic achievement. The Saint Anne Scholarship is valued at $24,000 per year and is awarded to transfer students.

Purple and Gold Award

The Purple and Gold Award is awarded to transfer students based on demonstrated academic achievement and potential and is valued at $18,000 per year.