Peter Hope Instructor of Biology

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B.A. Middlebury College
M.S. University of Vermont


Areas of Expertise:

Forest composition, dynamics and succession, fern and angiosperm systematics


Courses I Teach:

 Communications in the Biological Sciences
 Ecosystem Ecology
 Introduction to Ecology and Evolution
 Effects of Climate Change
 Tropical Ecology


My favorite class to teach is Ecosystem Ecology, which I teach in the fall. It is a field course with labs spent outside visiting and studying many of Vermont’s interesting ecosystems. The course includes some of my favorite subjects including geology, ecology, and botany. I finds it very gratifying to introduce students to these ecosystems. I appreciates the stories my students tell me when they later took their friends or parents to one of the sites that they visited in class.

Life off Campus: 

Outside Saint Michael’s, I enjoy nature photography, hiking, canoeing, violin, and playing the guitar.