Terrariums on breezeway sills celebrate diversity

May 29, 2015

A world tour in miniature decorates the breezeway between the Dion Family Student Center and adjoining Quad Commons Residential Hall.

Students in the Spring 2015 Eco and Environmental Art class (Art 332A, taught by Brian Collier, associate professor of art) created “World Terrariums” in mason jars. The terrariums contain plants to represent the international diversity of the Saint Michael’s Campus.

According to a poster-map explaining the project (and showing about 20 areas represented across five continents), the goal of the project “is to add life to the breezeway … by installing terrariums onto the windowsills. The terrariums are filled with plants from many of the regions our students come from. Each jar has colorful finger prints made by members of our group to show our appreciation for diversity and our hope for it to increase on campus.”

Students contributing to the project were Tess Saburn, Valentina Prada, Alejandro Bardales, Hannah Foote, Keegan Wilson and Emma Rippe.

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