Global Eyes Photography winners announced

April 7, 2017

Following are the winners, announced during a ceremony in the Durick Library Dailey Room Thursday evening, April 6, of the 18th Annual Photography Competition for Saint Michael’s College students who studied abroad this past year. Winning both the “Barry Krikstone Best in Show Award” and “People’s Choice Award” for two different images was Dana Scheffler ’18, who studied abroad and took her photographs in Bhutan.


People and the Human Spirit: first, Emily Higgins, “Caught in the Now”; second, Dana Scheffler, “Tashi Delek”; third, Kim MacPhail, “Vlottenburg Primary.”

Landscape: first, Rachel Coley, “Whitby Abbey”; second, Dana Scheffler “Spirit in the Sky”; and third, Rachel Proctor, “Hillside.”

Creative/Artistic first, Maggie Mae Whittemore, “Sails”; second, Tess, Saburn, “Beyond a Book; third, “Matthew Nachatelo, “The Golden City”; fourth, Emily Higgins, “The Path to Nirvana.”

Society, Politics, Environment: first, Corinne Harvey, “The Key to Peace”; second, Marie Maillet, “Walking into the Midst of Living Memories”; third, Angela McParland, “Remembrance,” and Jacob Sonberg, “La Selva Urbana.”

Nature: first, Micalea Leaska, “Born to be WILD”; second, Angela Baldacci, “Tree Goats”; third, Delaney Higgins, “Curious New Friend.”

City Life: first, Lindsey Rogers, “Communal Chaos”; second, Mackenzie Faber, “The Circus”; third, Abigail Snarski, “Mikae (Street) Art, Not War.”

Culture Most Distinct from SMC: first, Emily Higgins, “Ngaben Ceremony”; second, Marie Shepherd, “Travelling for Bread”; third, Angela Baldacci, “Amigo o Enemigo.”

The Essence of Study Abroad: first, Dana Scheffler, “Style First” (photo is at left); second, Lesley Ann Neves, “Younger Brother”; third, Peter Caffrey, “A Moment Shared”; honorable mention, Micalea Leaska, “The Sun Rises with the Start of a New Beginning.”

Best Written Caption: first, Lesley Ann Neves, “Mindful Peace”; second, Dana Scheffler, “Spirit in the Sky”; third, Linsey Rogers, “Dancing Through the Pain”; third (tie), Jacob Sonberg, “Conservation Area.”

The People’s Choice Award: Dana Scheffler, “Spirit in the Sky.”

The Barry Krikstone Best of Show Award: Dana Scheffler, “Style First.”

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