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January 9, 2018
Office of Marketing and Communication

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More than 70 Saint Michael’s College students will be studying in 23 different countries during this Spring 2018 semester.

“Whether they are learning about wildlife conservation in Tanzania, human rights in Argentina, or doing an internship in New Zealand, our students are spreading their wings and figuring out what it means to go beyond their comfort zones,” said Peggy Imai, director of the College’s Study Abroad Office.

“Some will be crossing an international border for the first time, and at least one student is getting a first look at life outside of New England,” she said. “Whether their final destinations are India, Austria, Senegal, France, China or Morocco, our students will be immersed in new learning/teaching environments that will help shape their world views and life directions.”

Imai said 22 Saint Michael’s students studied abroad during the Fall 2017 semester, adding that it is typical for far more to go during spring semester.

She said five students also spent the recent winter session studying art, culture and philosophy in Nepal, taking two courses: Nepal’s Hindu and Buddhist Traditions, and The Philosophy of Hindu and Buddhist Art. These students were Madeleine Bailey McGwin ’20, Abigail Bohlen ’19, Addie Drinkwater ‘18, Austin Cucchiara ‘21, Robert Dever ‘21. Each day their “classroom” was a different Hindu temple, Buddhist monastery or artist studio and the experience included a stay in a Buddhist monastery outside of Kathmandu.

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