Eileen O’Rourke new HR VP

May 11, 2018
Office of Marketing and Communication
Eileen O'Rourke

Eileen O’Rourke ’83

Saint Michael’s College has hired an alumna as its Vice President of Human Resources. Eileen O’Rourke will start in August, Saint Michael’s President Jack Neuhauser announced this week.

The president said O’Rourke is “an accomplished administrator with over 30 years of experience in Human Resources.” Since 2007, she has been the Executive Director of Human Resources at The Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, which serves the 14 counties of Vermont and employs 1,200 people.  Previously, O’Rourke founded HR 4Sight, LLC to provide local businesses with human resource expertise, business strategy and health insurances needs. She was Vice President of Human Resources at Bombardier Capital for eight years and the Director of Human Resources and Infrastructure at The Penn Traffic Company in Syracuse, NY.

“Eileen’s professional experiences and leadership, coupled with her desire to be back at her alma mater, led her to St. Mike’s,” said Neuhauser. O’Rourke said she is “thrilled to join Saint Michael’s College, as it was the catalyst for my career — Saint Michael’s represents who I am as a person, and what I believe in strongly: family, faith and community. I am honored to become a part of such an excellent College.”

O’Rourke received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Saint Michael’s in 1983 and a Master’s of Business Administration from Lemoyne College, Syracuse, New York. The previous person in the position, Michael New, retired as the College’s Vice President of Human Resources in February 2017 after more than 15 years in the job, and Tina Tenney, who will retire this summer, had been heading the Human Resources team since that time.

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