Senior awards brunch 2018

May 10, 2018
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Dupont Award winners and presenters — middle three (winners) are Traci Griffith, Anna Boesch and Sophia Adams, while presenters are John Myers and Branden Young. Angie Armour greets the assembled in Alliot in top large shot. Below are other winners and attending seniors.

As is tradition at Saint Michael’s College, the Thursday before Commencement weekend (May 10 this year) was celebrated with the Senior Awards Brunch. The event, which recognizes exceptional members of the senior class, as well as student-selected faculty and staff, annually brings forth inspirational figures who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the Saint Michael’s community.

Winners this year are:

Dr. Marie J. Henault Award: Marissa R. Kelemen

Elizabeth A. Durick Award: Megan E. Murray

Frank G. Mahady Memorial Award: Nichole G. Ciccarelli

Mo an NgaMartin Luther King, Jr. Society Award: Nga T. Nguyen (photo at left)

Roger F. Keleher Memorial Awards: Roxanne V. Withers & Daniel T. Johnson

John D. Donoghue Award: Angela R. McParland

Dedication of 2017 Yearbook: Rosemary Beaupre of Sodexo (checks ID’s at door for meals – photo directly below)Rosemary

Reverend Gerald E. Dupont Awards: Sophia L. Adams (student- SA president); Traci Griffith (faculty — professor and chair, Media Studies, Journalism & Digital Arts); Anna Boesch (staff — MOVE office of Edmundite Campus Ministry).

Saint Michael’s Award: Melanie Castillo

Class Appreciation Awards: Moise St. Louis (Associate Dean of Students, Director of Multicultural Student Services), Mary Beth Doyle (professor of education); and special award to President Jack Neuhauser as he prepares to end his term as president this summer.

Community Service Awards: Emma K. Woodruff, Megan T. McCauley, Madeline E. Linden, Melanie Castillo

Donald Sutton Community Service: Shaun J. Griswold

Presenters and speakers at the brunch were:

Invocation: Anna Lester, Edmundite Campus Ministry So

Emcee:  Angela Armour ’99, director, Alumni Affairs & Parent Relations

Remarks: President John NeuhauserJack

Faculty remarks: Donna Bozzone, biology faculty

Staff remarks:  Lara Scott, director of MOVE, Edmundite Campus Ministry Office

Award Presenters:

Dr. Marie Henault Award: Gabriella A. Elmoussaoui ’17, Center for Women & Gender

Elizabeth Durick Award: Fr. Brian Cummings ’86, Edmundite Campus Ministry

Frank Mahady Memorial: Lara Scott, Campus Ministry/MOVE

Martin Luther King, Jr. Society Award: Moise St. Louis, Multicultural Affairs/Student Life

Roger Keleher Memorial Awards: Chris Kenny ’86 M’98, Director of Athletics (and father of class member Jillian Kenny ’18)

John D. Donoghue Award: Michael Donoghue, Journalism lecturer

Dedication of Yearbook:  Mari Salinas ’18, Senior Class President, and Nicole Butler ’18, Senior Class Vice-President

Reverend Gerald Dupont Awards: John F.Myers III ’19 and Branden M. Young ’19, Student Association president and vice president

Saint Michael’s Award: Dawn Ellinwood, Student LifeMelanie Dawn

Class Gift Presentation: Niall W. Keane and Shauna M. Crowley  (Senior Class Gift Chairs)

Senior Class Awards (Class Appreciation/Community Service/ Donald Sutton): Mari Salinas and Nicole R. Butler,  Senior Class president and vice president, respectively.

Closing Remarks:Mari Salinas ’18

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