2019 new faculty and staff

Lots of new faculty and staff have joined College in 2019

August 28, 2019

Saint Michael’s College Academic Affairs officials announced the following changes in faculty as of July 1, 2019, with a host of new visiting assistant professors and instructors and several faculty retiring or not returning, along with sabbaticals, promotions, and new department chair appointments. Here are those changes:

New Visiting Assistant professors (non tenure-track):  Tess Dussling, Education; Candas Pinar, SociologyAndrew Korich, ChemistryChristopher Desjardin, Mathematics; Roger Barrios, Biology and Sarah Nosek, Psychology

New Full Time Instructors: Cathy Quinn, EducationAlan Chant, Chemistry; Beth Peterson, Education

Retiring Faculty (Emeritus): John Hughes, Political Science; Zsu Kadas, Mathematics and Statistics; John Kenney, Religious Studies; Jennifer Paone-Vogt, ChemistryVince Bolduc, sociology, retired Dec 31, 2018.

Faculty Not Returning: Molly Millwood Kirshenbaum, PsychologyJohn O’Meara, PhysicsRowena He, History; Rai Farrelly, Applied Linguistics.


Fall 2019: James Nagle, Education; Nathaniel Lew, Fine Arts; Jeffrey Ayres, Political Science; Laura Stroup, Environmental Science; Robert Niemi, English; Spring 2020: Declan McCabe, Biology; All Year 2019-20; Jo Ellis-Monaghan, Mathematics.

Promotion to Associate Professor/Tenure: Ben White, Applied Linguistics; Allison Kuklok, Philosophy

Promotion to Full Professor: Ari Kirshenbaum, PsychologyJames Nagle, EducationKimberly Sultze, Media Studies, Journalism and Digital ArtsJoan Wry, English.

Change to Visiting Assistant: Rebecca Haslam, Education.

New Department Chairs:  Mark Lubkowitz, Biology; John Trono, Computer Science; Michael Larsen, Mathematics (co-chair); Lloyd Simons, Mathematics (co-chair); Reza Ramazani, EconomicsMaura D’Amore, English; Peter Harrigan, Fine Arts (sabbatical coverage FA 19 only); Benjamin White, Applied Linguistics.

New Program Directors: Patricia Delaney, Public Health Program

New hires including staff since January 2019 (last name, first name, job title, department, start date, starting with more recent): Borch, Jennifer W., Applied Linguistics – Lecturer: Matesl, Applied Linguistics, 8/26/2019; Rosello, Anne K., Regional Development & Admission Officer (mid-Atlantic Reg), Advancement Services, 9/3/2019; Dolan, Michael P., Dispatch: Tele & Disp Serv- Pt, Public Safety, 8/19/2019; Rose, Quinn S., Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach, Athletics, 8/19/2019; Jackson-Miller, Anthony D., Public Safety Officer- PT, Public Safety, 8/21/2019; Hanlon, Ashley E., Lecturer: Graduate Education, Education, 8/27/2019; Burghdurf, April L., Assistant Controller, Finance, 9/16/2019; Martin, Dane R., Public Safety Officer, Public Safety, 8/21/2019; Brodtman, Heidi E., Receptionist – Bergeron Wellness Center, Health Services,     8/26/2019; Donahue, Kevin M., Athletic Comm Intern, Athletics, 8/19/2019; Jordan, Michelle C., Marketing and Comm Manager, Marketing, 8/12/2019; Fanelli, Jonah V., Farm & Food Asst Manager, Academic Affairs,9/7/2014; Eaton, Eric A. Head Basketball Coach, Athletics, 8/8/2019.

Bruzzi, Evan J., Public Safety Officer, Public Safety, 8/19/2019; Marcotte, Emilie C., Assoc Dir, Human Resources, Human Resources , 8/13/2019; Lain, Norbert F, Admission Counselor, Admissions, 8/5/2019; Bozarth, Laura L, Lecturer-Matesl, 08/19/19; Bolduc, Vincent L, Lecturer-Sociology, Sociology and Anthropology  8/26/2019; Webb, Renata B., Temporary Employee – Human Resources Generalist, Human Resources, 8/07/2019; McCray, Rebecca E.  Lecturer: Business Administration and Accounting  Business Admin & Accounting 8/26/2019; Laird, Judith E., Lecturer: Mathematics, Mathematics, 8/26/2019; Tworek, Agnieszka, Lecturer: Modern Languages and Literature, Modern Languages & Literature; 8/26/2019, Nosek, Sarah, Visiting Assistant Professor – Psychology, Psychology, 8/19/2019; Cowell, Colleen A., Lecturer: Graduate Education, Graduate Education, 8/26/2019; Brown, Danielle J., Assistant Softball Coach, Athletics, 9/15/2019; O’Brien, Kevin M., Men’s Rugby Coach, Athletics, 8/19/2019; Fiore, Samantha K., Athletic Trainer Intern, Athletics, 8/12/2019; Keating, John H., Rescue Unit Chief, Public Safety, 8/19/2019; Dipinto, Michelle E.; Assistant Volleyball Coach, Athletics, 8/18/2019; Swan, Tyler, Dispatcher: Telephone and Dispatch Services, Telephone & Dispatch Services, 8/5/2019; Peterson, Elizabeth P.         Instructor: Education, Education; Crowell, Samuel M., Lecturer: Graduate Education, Education; Quinn, Cathy L., Instructor: Graduate Education, Education, 8/19/2019; Lowe, Kara L., Dir: Athletic Internal Ops, Athletics, 7/15/2019; Stuart, Charlotte H., Asst. Women’s Soccer Coach, Athletics, 7/21/2019; Cruickshank, Hannah G., Preschool Teacher, Childcare Center, 8/5/2019; Ramirez Barrios, Roger, Visiting Assistant Professor – Biology, Biology, 8/19/2019; Kehoe-Yergeau, Deborah J., Lecturer: Fine Arts: Art/Art History, Fine Arts, 8/26/2019; Kissel, Hilary L., Lecturer: Graduate Education, Graduate Education, 8/26/2019; Phillips, Stephanie R., Lecturer: Graduate Education, Graduate Education, 8/26/2019.

Thompson, Matthew L.,Dispatcher: Telephone and Dispatch Services- PT,Telephone & Dispatch Services, 7/8/2019; Smith, Kelly I., Admission Counselor, Admissions, 7/18/2019; Sheehey, John D., Temporary Registrar, Registrar, 7/10/2019; Korich, Andrew L., Visiting Assistant Professor: Chemistry, Chemistry, 8/19/2019; Dussling, Theresa, Visiting Assistant Professor: Education, Education, 8/19/2019; Desjardins, Christopher D., Visiting Assistant Professor: Mathematics, Mathematics, 8/19/2019; Pinar, Candas, Visiting Assistant Professor: Sociology and Anthropology, Sociology and Anthropology, 8/19/2019; Chant, Alan, Instructor/Lab Coordinator: Chemistry, Chemistry, 8/1/2019; Donnelly, Taylor L., Temp Admin Assist- Health, Health Services, 6/14/2019; Wright, Emily S., Substitute: Day Care Center, Child Care Center, 6/18/2019; Polio, Charlene G., Lecturer: IEP APP Linguist, Applied Linguistics, 6/21/2019; Vallera, Julia , Lecturer: Media, Jour, Dig Art, Media St. Journ & Digital Arts, 8/26/2019; Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo, Lecturer: Matesl   Teaching English Second Lang, 6/24/2019; Brisson, Celia S., Lecturer: I.E.P. Applied Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, 7/1/2019; Lee, Alicia N., Substitute: Day Care Center  Child Care Center, 5/30/2019; Corrigan-Drury, Jennifer , Dispatcher: Telephone & Dispatch Services- ONC, Telephone & Dispatch Services, 6/18/2019; Bourdeau, Tyler J., Dispatcher: Telephone and Dispatch Services, Telephone & Dispatch Services, 6/10/2019, Martin Dheer-Dixon, Lisa D., Dispatcher: Telephone and Dispatch Services- PT   Telephone & Dispatch Services, 6/17/2019; DeOrsey, Ellen M., Assistant to the President, President’s Office, 6/17/2019; Olsky, Denise L., Lecturer: Modern Languages and Literature, Modern Languages & Literature, 6/1/2019; Lourie, Melissa S., Lecturer: Fine Arts/ Theatre, Fine Arts, 6/1/2019; Grant Davenport, Laura L., Lecturer: Graduate Education, Graduate Education, 6/19/2019; Pacy, Elizabeth L., Lecturer: Graduate Education, Graduate Education, 7/10/2019.

Dheer-Dixon, Harpreet K., Public Safety Officer-PT, Public Safety, 4/22/2019; Hamal, Saraswoti, Custodian: Days and Half Weekend, Custodial Services, 4/17/2019; Abbott, Karen M., Temporary Adm Assistant, Education, 4/08/2019; Kiesse, Huguette B., Custodian: Days and Half Weekend, Custodial Services, 3/27/2019; Carolin, Emily H., Regional Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, Alumni Relations, 3/25/2019; Martin, Patrick C., Assistant Baseball Coach, Athletics, 2/11/2019; Lynch, Heather J., Lecturer: Environmental Studies, Environmental Studies, 1/14/2019; Abair, Lisa R. Dispatcher: Telephone & Dispatch Services- ONC, Telephone & Dispatch Services, 3/4/2019; Lei, Caitlin, Digital Media Marketing Strategist, Marketing, 3/4/2019; Slater, Jamie L., Circulation Services Specialist, Library; Piper, Courtney G., Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach, Athletics; Klimowski, Bonnie T., Cooperating Artist: Fine Arts/ Music Fine Arts; Eddins, Randee M. Dispatcher: Telephone and Dispatch Services, Telephone & Dispatch Services, 2/5/2019; Vincent, Harvey M., Program Developer-Temp, Advancement Services, 2/1/2019; Giancola, Louis G., Lecturer: I.E.P. Applied Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, 1/14/2019; Lain, Norbert F., Lecturer: Modern Languages, Modern Languages & Literature, 1/14/2019; Silverman, Jonathan S., Lecturer: Graduate Education, Graduate Education, 1/14/2019; Williams, Taylor E., Temporary Clerk: Bookstore         Bookstore, 1/14/19; Pause, Matthew, Assistant Baseball Coach, Athletics, 9/16/18; Lynch, Sandra M., Lecturer: Chemistry, Chemistry, 1/14/19; Gilmore, Ciaran B., Academic Support Assistant, Academic Affairs, 1/14/19; Shandor, April D., Lecturer: IEP APP Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, 1/14/19.

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