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Study abroad students come and go as semester begins

August 26, 2019

study abroad clip art Study abroad is a significant and growing piece of each Saint Michael’s student’s education as they strive to become well-informed global citizens. Peggy Imai, the College’s director of study abroad, said she wants to get word out early about opportunities, and to share recent exciting student experiences.

“From my new office on the garden-side of Klein, I’m watching O-leaders introduce the Word and Teaching Gardens to members of the Class of 2023. It’s a beautiful thing!” Peggy shared with the community this week. “With the arrival of a new crop of students, I’d also like to remind you of the many other adventures Saint Michael’s students have been involved with over the past several months.”

While the majority of student choose spring semester to study abroad, Imai said, “We have a small but mighty group of students studying abroad during the fall semester. Several are already in-country and the others will be departing shortly.” Meanwhile, 70 students studied abroad in spring 2019 and are returning to enrich classrooms with their experiences and new perspectives, she said, adding, “They all have wonderful stories to share.”

Peggy Imai

Peggy Imai, Saint Michael’s College director of study abroad.

Imai said several Saint Michael’s students also participated in summer programs, either with the help of a study abroad program provider or through Saint Michael’s faculty-led Academic Study Trips. Those very successful summer trips and their faculty leaders were:  France: Culture & Society in Medieval Burgundy (Terryl Kinder, Laurence Clerfeuille); Ghana: Music and Dance in West Africa (Josselyne Price); Japan: Kyoto – An Aesthetic Perspective on Place (Jonathan Silverman, Hideko Furukawa); South Africa: Apartheid, Revolution & Representation (Traci Griffith, Katie Kirby); Wales: Environmental Study of Sustainable Places (Jeff Ayres, Laura Stroup); and Freeman Grant scholarship recipients are also back from their 8 week-long internships in Hong Kong. These students not only gained meaningful work experience, but they also lived and worked in Hong Kong during a very unique time in its history.

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