Vermont quality of life ranked high

Vermont quality-of-life rankings boost appeal of St. Mike's

June 10, 2019
Mark Tarnacki
Staff Writer
group of students walking on Church street

Vermont’s quality of life lands it high in prominent national rankings for the best place to live — proximity to Lake Champlain (large photo above headline) or Church Street (photo directly above) contribute to that appeal in the greater Burlington area where Saint Michael’s College is located.

Vermont consistently places at or near the top of lists from major news sources ranking the best places to live in America. Lorraine Sterritt, president of Saint Michael’s College in that state, hopes families looking at colleges fully appreciate the significant immediate and long-term consequence of that fact for their students.

“When you read, for example, from a 2018 CNBC report, that the Green Mountain State is the best state in America in which to live based on its second-lowest violent crime rate, a healthy population, a pristine environment, and strong antidiscrimination laws,” Sterritt said, “it surely establishes Vermont as a desirable place not only in which to spend four years in a college community, but also to put down roots for a career, since the quality of life is unsurpassed.”

She said many Saint Michael’s graduates choose to stay in Vermont after graduation for many of the reasons cited in the CNBC study or more recently in a 2019 U.S. News report rating Vermont among the top five states to live. A key factor in Sterritt’s view is the state’s strongly expanding job market in a number of fields, “and the natural beauty and the four seasons are special here.”

Sterritt cited in particular these words from the 2018 CNBC report:  “Companies seeking to attract the best possible workforce are increasingly realizing how key this [quality of life] is for their future growth plans.”

The CNBC study used hard-data to measure quality of life: crime rates, tourist visits, health care and inclusiveness as measured by legal protections written into state laws. The report ranked the top states as follows: 10. Massachusetts; 9. Colorado; 7 (tie), Montana & Iowa; 5 (tie) Washington & New Hampshire; 4. North Dakota; 3. Minnesota; 2. Hawaii and 1. Vermont. Vermont had climbed from No. 2 to No. 1 from the previous year in that study.

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