Study-abroad students come, go

Study-abroad students come, go as semester winds down

May 2, 2019

Photo below right shows Peggy Imai, director of study abroad.

Peggy Imai, Saint Michael’s director of study abroad, recent shared with faculty about “your students and their upcoming plans to explore the world,” writing in a campus-wide email:

“We have a small (but enthusiastic!) cohort of students preparing to spend their fall semesters abroad. The majority of these students will be heading to destinations that are considered tried and true, but this year students will also be participating in two new programs based in Bilboa, Spain and Puerto Natales, Patagonia. No matter the country, the experiences will be life changing. Please wish your students safe and fruitful travels.”

She further noted that “Our summer program offerings are many and varied,” including:

  • Programs offered by program partners (AIFS, SIT, Wisdom, etc.). Students on these short term programs will be studying in a wide variety of regions of the world including Madagascar, East Tibet, and (Cambridge) England.
  • Academic Study Trips are organized and led by Saint Michael’s faculty members. Peggy saysPeggy Imai students will be exploring an array of topics in some very cool places: France: Culture &Society in Medieval Burgundy (Terryl Kinder, Laurence Clerfeuille); South Africa: Apartheid, Revolution, and Representation (Traci Griffith, Katie Kirby); Japan:Kyoto – An Aesthetic Perspective on Place (Hideko Furukawa, Jonathan Silverman); Wales: Environmental Study of Sustainable Places (Jeffrey Ayres, Laura Stroup); Ghana:Music and Dance, West Africa (Josselyne Price, Brian Dukehart)
  • Internship placements in Hong Kong. Through a competitive process, 11 students will be experiencing life as full-time interns in the fascinating city of Hong Kong. These career enhancing opportunities are made possible by the generous support of the Freeman Foundation. “Special kudos to Jeff Ayres (with support from Robert Letovsky) for successfully spearheading this effort,” Imai said.

She concluded, “And of course, not to be forgotten, are the illustrious Purple Knights who are/were abroad this semester. A few students have already returned to the U.S., but most will be trickling back throughout the month of May. As you know, it’s not unusual for a handful of these students to be on campus around graduation time, so if you spot a returnee, please take a few minutes to offer a warm welcome home.”

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