Edmundites back initiative to attract African American scholars

Racial Justice Task Force announces Graduate Fellows’ Program

November 5, 2020
By Lynn Monty '07

Saint Michael’s College Racial Justice Task Force has announced “The Edmundite Graduate Fellows’ Program at Saint Michael’s College.” Two scholars-in-residence will be invited next fall.

“The relationship between the Racial Justice Task Force and the Edmundites should be apparent to any person who knows not only the Edmundite’s history of social justice, but also their particular involvement with attaining civil rights for African Americans in this country,” said Margaret Bass, special assistant to the president for diversity and inclusion. “Edmundites have long been involved in the racial justice movement. Our connection is historic and essential.”

This dissertation research and writing fellowship has a one-year term with an option to renew for a second year if the scholar, and department in which the scholar is housed, agree to the renewal. While the primary work of the fellows is completion of the dissertation, each fellow will teach one course per term and present a lecture.


Margaret Bass

The newly created “Edmundite Graduate Fellows’ Program at Saint Michael’s College” is a tribute to the work the Edmundites have done, but it also gives visibility to Saint Michael’s College as well. “Most important, however, is the hope that the program will bring African American scholars to campus,” Bass said.sse logo

Edmundite history will become more prominent in campus literature and culture through this initiative. “It’s an important history that seems critical in light of the College’s efforts toward diversity and inclusion,” Bass said. “The idea of creating a fellowship for graduate students in their honor just made sense to me. Two of the Edmundites are graduates of Xavier University’s Institute for Black Catholic Studies. It would be great if we could recruit aspiring priests and deacons to serve as interns here.”


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