Zen Zone: A central spot for students to find resources, relax

April 5, 2023
By Elizabeth Syverson '23
Bridgette Akins

Bridgette Akins

In the coming weeks Saint Michael’s College will host the grand opening of the new Zen Zone in the Alliot Student Center. The Zen Zone will be a place where students can find resources surrounding mental, physical, and sexual health, in addition to substance use and overall well-being.

“The idea for the Zen Zone came from a meeting with student Wellness Ambassadors Jane Bradley ‘23 and Juneau Rich ‘24,” said Bridgette Akins, the Wellness Coordinator at the College and a certified health and life coach. “We were planning wellness events, then thought, ‘wouldn’t it be great if we had a place where students could find some zen throughout their busy days?’”

From there, the team began collecting resources to add to the Zen Zone including mindfulness and grounding activities, a giant coloring sheet, puzzles, and fidget toys. They even have snacks and aromatherapy for those looking for a moment of zen on the go.

“These resources are always available at Bergeron, but we wanted to have a more central space where students could access them as well. Self Care kits and Harm Reduction kits have been popular items with students,” Akins said. “The Zen Zone provides a space for students to access needed resources and is also a place to just relax.”

In the future, Akins hopes that the Zen Zone will be a space for events and social gatherings that encourage wellness and community on campus.

Student Wellness Ambassadors began this year as way to include students in the planning and implementation of Wellness events, Akins said, adding, ” We value their knowledge and they offer insight into what college students need and want in the area of wellness. They have been tremendous addition to the Be Well team.”

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