Army Guard promotion advances impressive career of Cpt. Jandreau ’18

Psychology graduate manages Healthcare Provider deployment program across 54 States, Territories, and DC

May 4, 2023

Cpt. Lance Jandreau ’18; the large photo behind the headline shows ARNG Deputy Chief Surgeon Colonel Gunnar Kiersey giving Lance (standing at right) the oath of office during his promotion ceremony.

Cpt. Lance Jandreau ’18 is moving up the ranks quickly in his health-care related mission with the Army National Guard, recently earning promotion to captain at the Guard’s Chief Surgeon’s Office in Arlington, VA, where he moved in March 2022.

Here’s how Jandreau shared the news of that promotion in a social media post: “Huge thanks to all who have supported me leading up to my career and throughout it. Up to this point, I have recognized the importance of community and working in an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and appreciated. As a young leader in today’s climate, it is increasingly important and I cannot wait to help foster and advance an environment that appreciates, celebrates, and above all supports everyone who works within it.  Here’s to the next chapter as a CPT!”

After graduation, Jandreau began working with the Vermont National Guard (VTNG) full-time.  Beginning in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, he worked as the health information management lead for a surge hospital run by the VTNG at the CV-Expo. He then transitioned to managing a testing/vaccination team with the VTNG traveling around the State.

In July of 2021, he became the chief VTNG medical planner for COVID-19 response working with Vermont Emergency Management and Health/Human Services to develop the vaccination plan for the State.

In March 2022, he moved to Arlington, VA to work at the National Guard Bureau with the Army National Guard (ARNG) Chief Surgeon’s Office. Currently he manages the Healthcare Provider deployment program for the ARNG across 54 States, Territories, and DC.

“My job is to ensure ARNG missions are supported with necessary healthcare provider support at home and abroad,” said Jandreau, who soon will become the Executive Officer (XO) of the ARNG Chief Surgeon’s Office following his promotion.


Lance said this photo shows him with “My amazing girlfriend Dawn Rowe (White House chef).”

Simultaneously, he is entering his last year toward a master’s in social work (major in clinical social-work; minor in macro-social work) through Boston University.

“I look back on my time at Saint Michael’s and realize just how much my experiences have groomed me for the work I do today,” he said. “UVM-ROTC gave me the influence and institutional knowledge of the Army which I will forever be grateful for. However, St. Mike’s gave me the life experiences to make me a well-rounded and open-minded leader.”

“Today, there is such a need for openness and empathy that I think many in significant leadership positions have forgotten,” he said. “I have heard people in uniform say ‘My Army…’ alluding to this idea that the Army belongs to those who serve in it. In my opinion, the Army belongs to the people of this nation.”

Jandreau, who earned his St. Mike’s undergraduate psychology degree with a minor in philosophy, said his hope is to “continue to improve my leadership and develop an inclusive and supportive work environment for everyone around me in and out of uniform.  I can thank my mentors and professors from Saint Michael’s for my opportunities and successes, and look forward to those to come.

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