The Mike Exchange

Podcast Series

Welcome to the Mike Exchange. A podcast series bringing together Saint Michael’s College faculty, students, and alumni to discuss academic topics, experiences, outcomes and more. Our first series is hosted by Patrick Walsh, Professor of Economics.

Work Smarter and Harder, Finding Your Passion, Trust the Process, Roll with the Punches

Catherine Marcoullier ’20, joins Patrick Walsh, Professor of Economics, to discuss her pursuit of a double major in Economics and Political Science and where it will lead her after graduation in a pandemic.

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Economics in the Wetlands, Why Should We Give a Dam?

Emma Fox ‘12, biology major, joins Patrick Walsh, Professor of Economics, to discuss her time with AmeriCorps, graduate schools, and the use of economics to determine the value of waterways, wetlands, etc.

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2010s Evolution of Healthcare, Where is the world of Insurance?, COVID Impacting our Corporate World, Covid hurts Healthcare, Impacts of Economic Policies.

Meaghan Olsen ’13, double major in economics and psychology, and a masters in healthcare policy, joins Patrick Walsh, Professor of Ecomonics, to share her experience in the healthcare field.

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Factors of Political Behavior, Expectation in our Political Climate, Objectives in the Polls

Professor of Political Science, Dan Simmons, and Maggie Taylor ’22, joins Patrick Walsh, Professor of Economics to discuss how the state of the economy impacts the 2020 elections.

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