Liam Conran '22

    The effect of ecosystem diversity on bird species richness and abundance by Liam Conran ’22

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    Showcase Overview:

    This video presentation by Liam Conran (SMC class of 22) was given at the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative Conference in December 2021.  Liam presented the results of his summer research project based in the Saint Michael’s College Natural Area.  During a busy summer of research, Liam discovered that bird diversity was higher in the former cornfield that is currently being restored to natural vegetation than in either of the forest types he visited.  These results will inform our management decisions and support the idea that some of our Natural Area should be maintained as open habitat rather than forested.  Liam also installed more than 20 bird boxes as part of his project and these will be monitored by future students. We thank Liam for his contributions to research on the management of the Saint Michael’s College Natural Area.