Holly Redding Cooper '99

    Holly Redding Cooper ’99

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    Current job title and employer and briefly describe what it is you do: I am owner, consultant, and therapist at ASCEND Counseling &Consultation, LLC. I provide counseling services to women, with a primary focus on perinatal and maternal mental health. I also provide support and psychoeducation to parents on strategies to implement positive, intentional, and mindful parenting. I am also available to social workers for clinical supervision services for license advancement or skill development. Prior to opening my own practice, I worked in medical social work for 20 years in both community and tertiary hospitals.

    Academic experience at Saint Michael's College help prepare you for your career: Both in the classroom and outside the classroom, St. Michael’s offered opportunities for me to expand my learning and skills.

    Favorite memory or class from your time studying at St. Mike’s: My most treasured times are experiences I had with the MOVE and LEAP programs. They were formative, inspiring, and guided me to important opportunities in my life.

    Completed or are completing a graduate program, please provide the name of the degree and institution: MSW-Simmons College Certificate of Urban Leadership in Clinical Social Work-Simmons College