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Thursday, November 16
vets day speaker

Events mark Veterans Day with substance, style

The Military Community Services family on the Saint Michael’s College campus made the most of Veterans Day this past Saturday with a special film screening, a guest speaker/dinner gala in Dion Center, and displays showcasing an impressive network of supports, opportunities and programs that benefit and honor veterans.

Wednesday, November 15
Rocky Steps

Model UN Club making name beyond campus

A recently vibrant and growing Model United Nations Club at Saint Michael’s College played the role of Slovenia and held its own against competitors from top colleges during a nationally well-established Model UN Conference in Philadelphia the second weekend of November.

Thursday, November 09
Faggioli with Fr. Theroux

Speaker probes issues of Catholic higher education

“Knowledge is no longer a product you identify as naturally with a university as it used to be,” said Massimo Faggioli, a Villanova historical theologian, during a campus talk Tuesday in the Dion Center that weighed the impact of market forces and technology on education and probed who today has real access to knowledge and power. Concurrently, he broke down sea-changes in Catholic education -- since the Middle Ages, since Vatican II and since a seminal 1967 assertion of academic freedom by U.S. Catholic college and university leaders. He suggested that any contemplation of Catholic education’s proper role in the modern world need recognize that “knowledge is moving out of the universities and going where money easily is poured in – think tanks, big corporations …" and that Catholic education may well be “the last thing standing between an idea of education that has a certain human idea of the human person, and another idea that it makes no difference [if a job is done] by a person or a robot.”

Tuesday, November 07
teams with judges

Contest winner pitches horse-therapy business

Psychology major Anna Willenbaker '18’s idea for a therapeutic horse-riding business won the third annual Pitch Your Passion competition for business-minded students at Saint Michael’s College on Sunday, November 5, earning her a $1,000 prize and an invitation to a larger regional competition involving several area colleges. She has a minor in business. The student-run Saint Michael’s College Business Society and the Department of Business Administration and Accounting hosted Sunday’s event -- a multi-round pitch competition with prizes of $1,000, $350 and $150. The competition involves pitching a concept for a service, product, or idea. The winning pitch also gains the opportunity to pitch that competitor’s idea at the 2018 LaunchVT Collegiate, a regionally sponsored competition by the participating Colleges and Universities and Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce. 

Saint Michael's celebrates 14th Annual International Festival

This weekend marked another year of amazing performances, people, and food at the 14th Annual International Festival. More than 500 people were in attendance to watch a variety of performances, and sample cuisine from 30 different countries at the Tarrant Center at Saint Michael's College on Saturday, Nov. 4.

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