Jon Hyde Professor of Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts



M.A., Ph.D. New York University
B.A. Carleton College

Fulbright Senior Research/Teaching Fellow: University of Malaysia, Borneo
Co-Director of the Center for Media, Health, and Wellness
Co-Founder/Director Global Studies Program
Technology & Instructional Design Coordination – SMC and NYU
Bhutan Media Education Initiative SMC and the Centre for Media and Democracy

Areas of Expertise:

Photography, Film and Television: Creative Production, Storytelling and Critical Analysis
Screen Lives: Smartphones, Netflix, YouTube and the Global Impact of Screen-based and Streaming Media.
The New (R)Evolutions in Documentary Filmmaking: International Economics, Analytics, Collaborations
Global Media and International Communication Systems: Culture, Identity, Economics and Development
Media and Health: The Social and Psychological Impact of Modern Media (Children-Teens-Adults-Elderly)
Environmental and Adventure Photography and Filmmaking: Nature, Science, Conservation
New Technologies: Art, Design, Interface, Impact

Courses I Teach:

Introduction to Digital Film: Analysis, Storytelling, and Production
Advanced Documentary Filmmaking: From Script to Screen
Global Communications and Culture: International Media Systems and Globalization
Senior Seminar Research and Project Development
Senior Capstone Seminar: Documentary Film, TV, and Web Production
Adventure and Environmental Filmmaking: Nature, Science, Conservation and Health
World Film, Video, and Television: International Industries, Economics, and Representations
ScreenLife: Modern Visual, Streaming, and Mobile Media
International Media Field Research Projects: Bhutan, Brazil, Greece, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Israel, Egypt, Ireland
Additionally, I’ve also served as a graduate thesis advisor for research in the areas of film and television, global media, media education, media literacy, emergent media, and the social and political impact of communication systems.

Professional Experiences:

Prior to teaching at Saint Michael’s, I worked in New York City as a journalist, digital animator, and a media developer at the Media Workshop New York, a non-profit organization devoted to issues of media education and media literacy.


As a nature, outdoors, and environmental photographer my work has been exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally, recently in New York, Los Angeles, Italy, Malaysia, and Greece.  It has been published by Audubon, museums of Natural History, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and the National Wildlife Refuge and Parks systems among many others.


My research and creative professional work in media is intensely interdisciplinary and global. I’ve been a Fulbright Senior Scholar (Borneo, Malaysia) and I’ve travelled to over 50 countries on six continents.  I’ve conducted media research in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.   What initially fascinated me about this field (and still does very much today) are the ways in which media shape and reshape family, community, economics, politics, psychology, education, science and the environment.   So many changes and so quickly. I am ever curious about both the seen and unforeseen influences that our media technologies and our media choices have on all of our lives.   I think it is imperative to take an ecological look at the ways in which media (new and old) impact self and society.

I have a profound love of teaching and helping students analyze their connections to that media ecology and produce media that matter. I’ve directed senior majors in the research and production of over 100 full-length documentaries on topics ranging from global micro-and craft brewing industries to the Americanization of Yoga to B-Corps to the impact of digital technologies on art, teaching, language and Music.

One of my enduring treasures as a professor has been to help students realize their unique talents and achieve their own life-long educational and career goals.  Over the course of 20 plus years, I’ve had the unqualified privilege of helping students and graduates of our program become documentary filmmakers, Pulitzer-prize winning journalists, organic farmers, web designers, photographers, videographers, writers, lawyers, business owners, Peace Corps volunteers, and yes, professional drone operators… to name just a few.

As a creative media producer, I have a professional background in photography, graphic design, animation, and Film/TV.  I’m a binge-watcher-reader-listener.  I absolutely love great story-telling and I continually seek it out in a myriad of media forms — writing, music, photography, film, web, television, dance and many other art forms.   As a nature, outdoors, and environmental photographer my work has been exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally, recently in New York, Los Angeles, Italy, and Greece.  It has been published by Audubon, museums of Natural History, and the National Wildlife Refuge and Parks systems, among many others.  I have an unexplained love for trying to photograph (and better understand) creatures that tend to unnerve me — snakes, grizzly bears, and stinging-biting insects.

I have an enduring love of the outdoors and outdoor pursuits. I’m an avid and life-long runner, mountain biker, kitesurfer, skier, and snowboarder. With repeated Youtube video screenings (and bruises), I’m learning to become a trials bike rider.  The process is slow.

Recent News

Jon Hyde, associate professor of media studies, journalism, and digital arts, and his departmental colleague Kimberly Sultze, have had their wildlife and environmental photography exhibited at the International BioPhoto Festival, Budoia, Italy; the UN World Water Day Celebration, Seregno, Italy; the 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles; the New City Galerie, Burlington, and the Birds of Vermont Museum.
(posted June 2017)

Jon Hyde, associate professor of media studies, journalism and digital arts, and Kimberly Sultze, associate professor of media studies, journalism and digital arts, recently completed their Fulbright Fellowships in Borneo, Malaysia.  Over the past few months, their wildlife and conservation photography has been featured by the San Diego Museum of Natural History, the Audubon Society, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and several fine art galleries throughout the U.S.  In April, they were invited by the Embassy of the United States in Brunei Darussalam to give presentations on environmental education and on strategies for raising environmental awareness to media professionals, academics, and members of Brunei’s environmental NGOs.  They also gave a workshop on best practices of conservation and environmental photography, with a session in the field at Tasek Lama Nature Reserve in Bandar Seri Begawan.  In October, they’ll present “Environmental Education: Using Digital Media Arts to Engage Young Adults in the Values of Wilderness“ in Albuquerque at the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, National Wilderness Conference.  This presentation will highlight successful strategies from Kimberly’s course Nature and Outdoor Writing, and Jon’s course Adventure Filmmaking.
(posted August 2014)

Jon Hyde and Kimberly Sultze, associate professors of media studies, journalism and digital arts, recently had several photographs published by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, a national leader in avian study and conservation. Their images of the Tody Motmot (Panama), the Laughing Falcon (Costa Rica), and the White-Headed Wren (Panama) have been used in Neotropical Birds. In December, their image of a Western Grebe family was selected as a finalist for the 2012 National Wildlife Refuge Photography Competition and is featured on the 2012 National Wildlife Refuge Association’s Conservation Report. Their work is also currently on exhibit as part of the international juried show, “Birds: Real or Imagined,” at the Photoplace Gallery in Middlebury.