Saint Michael’s College celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8, 2017

Saint Michael’s College is celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week by recognizing our hardworking faculty and all the work they do on campus. Below are some select quotes from Saint Michael’s students about the impact their professors have had on them.

National Teacher Appreciation Week runs from May 8 through May 12 and is a designated week to recognize and honor the important work and support teachers provide for students and our communities.  


Professor Jeffrey Ayres

 “Professor Ayres is so passionate about the  subjects  he teaches, especially Canadian  Politics — one of my  favorite classes! He has the  best sense of humor and  truly cares about his  students.”

 – Valentina Rojas ’17

   Professor Tara Natarajan

 “Professor Natarajan is wonderful! I always look  forward to going to her classes because I know I  will  learn a lot and have fun at the same time. I’m  thankful to have had her as a professor during my  time at St. Mikes!” 

  – Hailey Dubuque ‘17

   Professor Ruth Fabian-Fine

I had a wonderful time researching and taking  class with Professor Fabian-Fine. She was  always  willing to help with anything I needed, and  gave  great feedback on my progress!”

  – Morgan Livoli ‘17


Professor Nick Clary

 “Professor Clary shaped the way that I  approached  my college education. His passion  and enthusiasm  motivated me to stay invested in Shakespeare long  after his classes were over.”

  – Maggie Bogan ‘17

 Kristyn Achilich, Academic Coordinator

  “Your passion for environmental education and    the  garden illuminates the classroom and is truly    something special. Thank you!” 

  – Cymantha Rogers   ‘17 

   Professor Ray Patterson

 “I have only had one class with Professor  Patterson  but it was enough to leave a  magnificent impact. He  is one of the most  supportive and welcoming people I  have ever  encountered.”

 – Maggie Bogan ‘17

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