Faculty changes with new semester

September 18, 2018
Office of Marketing and Communication
Allison Luedtke

New tenure-track faculty this year include, above, Allison Luedtke, and (below in order), Xinting Zhen and Amir Barghi.

Following are the 2018 faculty changes since the start of last year (as of late August). They include three new tenure-track faculty — Allison Luedtke in Economics, Xinting Zhen in Business Administration & Accounting and Amir Barghi in Mathematics –along with several new academic instructors (listed below), a large number of retirees, two faculty awarded tenure, one promotion to full professor, five new department chairs and three sabbaticals for the coming year.

Faculty Changes Fall 2018

New Tenure-Track Assistant Professors: Allison Luedtke, Economics (above); Xinting Zhen, Business (directly below).Zhen

New full time Instructors: Rebecca Haslam, EducationRoberto Saba, Henry G. Fairbanks Visiting Humanities Scholar-in-Residence, History; Melissa McDuffie, psychology.

Faculty not returning Fall 2018: Patricia Larose, Applied Linguistics; Nicholas Kahm, Philosophy; Marie-France Nelson, Business; Alan D’Aiello, Media Studies, Journalism, Digital Arts; Peter Gallo, Fairbanks – HumanitiesKristin Gehsmann, EducationDan French, Education; Brosh Teucher, Business and Accounting.

Starting January 1, 2019, Peter J. Gallo will join the Fine Arts/Art faculty as a lecturer in art and art history.

Faculty Changes January 1, 2018

New tenure track faculty:Amir Barghi Amir Barghi, Mathematics (left).

New full time Instructor: Alicia Norris, Business.

Retiring Faculty (Emeritus): Susan Kuntz, Psychology.

Faculty Awarded Tenure: Paul Olsen, Business (effective July 1, 2017).

New Program Directors: Raymond Patterson, Peace & Justice.

Faculty Changes July 1, 2018

Retiring Faculty (Emeritus): James P. Conley, Aostre N. Johnson, Herbert N. Kessel, Malcolm Lippert, William H. Marquess, Elizabeth M. O’Dowd, Jonathan S. Silverman, Joanne V. Scott, Susan Summerfield, Douglas Slaybaugh.

Tenure: Paul Constantino, Biology; Dagan Loisel, Biology.

Promotion to Full Professor: John Devlin, Fine Arts.

Leave of Absence: Molly Millwood, Psychology, Laura Stroup, Environmental Science (Fall Semester ’18, Family Leave; Rowena He, History.

New Chairs: David Heroux,  Chemistry;Valerie Bang-Jensen, Education; Jerald Swope, Media Studies, Journalism & Digital Arts; David Boynton, Psychology; Peter Vantine,                                    Modern and Ancient Languages and Literature.


Fall 2018: William Ellis, Fine Arts.

Spring 2019: James Byrne, Religious Studies; Susan Ouellette, History.

New staff employees for 2018 and their start dates with the College:

Teresa  Crowley, assistant director of student financial services (1/15/2018); Abraham Nhial, custodian – days (2/11/2018); Jefferson Fraser, custodian – days (2/12/2018); Salvator Meringolo, interim vice president for Institutional Advancement (2/12/2018); Briset Flores, career education coach/annual giving officer (3/5/2018), promoted to stewardship and donor relations officer starting 9/3/18); Alicia Mennig, preschool teacher (3/6/2018);Timothy Birmingham, career education coach    (3/12/2018); Kimberly, Boyarsky, benefits manager (4/2/2018); Matthew Winter, cashier/card services administrator (4/9/2018); Christopher Latremore (public safety officer- part-time (4/9/2018); Amanda Coulman, gift processing & donor specialist for Institutional Advancement (4/16/2018); Brandon Majmudar, development officer, Institutional Advancement (4/30/2018); Emily Horgan, assistant director for annual giving, Institutional Advancement (6/1/2018); Christopher Barry, Student Financial Services counselor (6/25/2018); Elena           Bourne, preschool teacher (6/25/2018); Lisa        Cummings, associate director for Student Financial Services (6/25/2018); Meaghan Goodheart, athletic trainer (7/7/2018); Michelle Clark, administrative coordinator, Applied Linguistics (7/11/2018); Jacob Pelletier, admission counselor (7/18/2018); Lindsey      Bouzan, admission counselor (7/18/2018); Sara Commins, operations specialist (7/18/2018); Aaron Rasmussen, public safety officer (7/23/2018); Keller Longchamp, public safety officer (7/23/2018); Evan Hansen, athletic trainer intern (8/5/2018); Eileen O’Rourke, vice president for Human Resources (8/6/2018); Laura Neville        , career education coach (8/13/2018); Pembroke King, senior circulation specialist/evening supervisor (8/13/2018); Dominick Delello, Athletic Communications intern (8/19/2018); Margaret Bass, academic support assistant (8/20/2018).

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