Engineering seniors present Capstones

Engineering seniors present Capstone Projects at UVM

April 28, 2019
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Saint Michael’s student engineers presenting at UVM recently were, from top in descending order, Nicholas Hermary, Rebecca Shedd, Christian Boisvert, David Clenmer and Sean Wines. (photos courtesy Zsu Kadas)

Five Engineering seniors completing the Saint Michael’s College-University of Vermont 3+2 Program on Friday, April 26, presented their Senior Capstone Projects at the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Engineering Design Night.

These year-long projects involve teams of students working on applications proposed by local businesses, public services, or university research groups.

At the lively poster session held in the Silver Maple Ballroom at the Dudley Davis Center on the University of Vermont’s campus, teams of students presented their work to an appreciative audience that crowded around the posters and displays, including Saint Michael’s Professors Lloyd Simons, Barbara O’Donovan, and Zsu Kadas. The Saint Michael’s graduates and their projects are:

BoisvertNicholas Hermary: Low Cost Ice Cream Lid Dispensing – Ben & Jerry’s (An autonomous ice cream lid dispenser that will take ice cream lids and sort and feed them into the production line with minimal to no user input.)

Rebecca Shedd: Brookside Drive Flooding Remediation- Town of Dorset, VT (Design to mitigate recurrent flooding over a residential neighborhood access road.)

Christian Boisvert: Drinking Water Systems Improvement – Village of Derby Center, VT Clenmer(Design of improvements to improve efficiency and reliability of the slow-sand drinking water treatment plant.)

David Clemmer: Pine Street and Lakeside Drive Street Flooding Mitigation – City of Burlington Public Works (Design of storm water runoff reduction, delay and conveyance measures to lessen the flooding at this intersection during rainfalls and snowmelt.)Sean Wines

Sean Wines: Harvey Lake Dam Removal Remediation Engineering and Design (Design of a weir dam at the outlet of Harvey Lake to accompany removal of a downstream dam on Peacham Brook.)

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