Students Stage Medieval Play

Saint Michael's dramatists staging medieval morality play

November 4, 2019
Mark Tarnacki
Staff Writer

Above is an image from the College production of “The Summoning of Everyman.” (Photo by Jerry Swope). Below left is director John Paul Devlin. (photo by Ethan Simmons)

Saint Michael’s College Department of Fine Arts-Theatre is presenting an adaptation of The Summoning of Everyman, a medieval morality play about our ultimate reckoning before God, on November 7, 8, 9, 15, 16 at 7 p.m. in the McCarthy Arts Center Theater. Directing the production is Professor John Paul Devlin of the Fine Arts faculty.

This late 15th Century morality play was written anonymously in English. The play uses allegorical characters to tell the story of every person’s final reckoning. Director Devlin said The Summoning of Everyman is a late medieval morality play written in England prior to the Reformation and a little more than a century prior to the work of William Shakespeare. “I’ve worked with the cast to re-write the show and bring it into the 21st Century,” he said, explaining, “in half a millennium, even some of the theological approaches to behavior have changed, and that has been incorporated into the updated version.”

The primary purpose of morality plays, Devlin said, “was to reinforce the Christian teachings of the Church and remind people what really counts when everything is on the line and we confront our own mortality. In our contemporary society which too often esteems material wealth, prestige and notoriety, this play is just as pertinent as it was when it was originally produced.”

This production will feature the work of both faculty and students: Peter Harrigan (costume design) and Devlin (scenic design and lighting adviser as well as director) and Kelly Champlain ‘20 (stage manager), Kate Bell ’20 (puppet design and charge scenic artist), Sage Fagbohun ‘20 (sound design), Kenzie Wright ’21 (lighting design), properties by Ivory Blanchette’20, with Jeson Li ’23 as assistant stage manager. Please go to to confirm a seat.

The cast for the show: Kaitlyn Carrozzo as God, Doctor, Villager; Avery Hall as Narrator, Kindred; Oliver Hogan as Messenger, Reconciliation; Corban Ridlon as Narrator, Death, Cousin, Angel; Ava Magoon as Everyman; Katherine Ort as Fellowship, Discretion; Beth Parsons as Cousin, Strength; Caleb Roman as Knowledge; Rachael Southworth as Goods, Beauty; Madeline Shanley as Good Deeds; Sae Tanida as Narrator, Cousin, Angel; and Emilio Tome as Narrator, Kindred, Five Senses.

These shows are free and open to the public.

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