Winter term courses: Catch up or get ahead at discount

"Asynchronous" nature of offerings means students can advance at their own pace with close faculty guidance

November 5, 2020
By Ashley DeLeon '23

Interested in advancing your academic goals over winter break? Saint Michael’s College is offering five asynchronous winter classes to help undergraduate students stay on track and get ahead. Winter session courses for this academic year will run between December 28 and January 22.

Students enrolled in winter session courses will earn four credits in four weeks at a reduced rate ($495/credit). This provides the opportunity to fulfill core and credit requirements necessary for graduation. Available courses for this session are Business Management, Environmental Science, Current Issues in World Politics, General Psychology, and Lifespan Development. Due to the intensity of a four-credit course in a shortened amount of time, students are only allowed to take one course throughout the winter session.

The asynchronous courses call for independent learning, allowing students to learn with flexibility on their own time – hence the term “asynchronous” since student progress through the class is not “synchronized” with everyone going at the same pace as with more traditional courses.

“Students are fully supported by faculty,” according to Alex Colletta ’18, assistant director of operations (online and non-traditional programs). All winter session courses are taught by full-time Saint Michael’s College faculty, and they are available to assist students at any point during the course.


Alex Colletta ’18

Though the winter session begins on December 28, each course will open on December 21, allowing students to adapt to the speed and asynchronicity of the course. Colletta advises students to consider winter session courses during advising, though registration for winter session courses is open until December 21. December 28 to 30 is Add/Drop, allowing students to withdraw from a course without penalty. In addition, students can opt to Pass/Fail a course at this time.

“Winter session courses provide a great option to stay flexible in your academic career,” Colletta said, “and with everything going on in the world, having options as a student is beneficial.”

Click the link below to learn more about how you can advance your academic goals this winter.





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