Alumni pals and wives launch promising fish business

Steve Flynn, Sean McDaniel from Class of '93 met as first-years and have been sharing 'salty days' since

October 8, 2020
Annie Rosello
Admission and Development Officer, Mid-Atlantic Region
fish guys

Sean McDaniel and Steve Flynn in front of their new business in Hingham, MA.

Steve Flynn and Sean McDaniel (both Class of ’93) have been friends for more than 30 years. This Saturday, October 10, the two friends and their wives, Amy Flynn and Joanne McDaniel, will realize a longtime dream by opening Salty Days Fish Co. seafood market in Hingham, MA.

“Sean and I met freshman year at St. Mike’s and have remained good friends ever since, even going on family vacations each year,” said Flynn, a Hingham native. The four friends bring different business experiences that complement one another and benefit their new venture. “I’ve wanted to open a fresh fish market in my hometown for years, and with Sean’s restaurant experience combined with my fish experience, it’s a great partnership,” he said.

The market’s name comes from their collective experiences as lifelong friends. “We share an insatiable love for long salty days on the beach with our seven kids and three dogs. Swimming, boating, fishing, driving on to Duxbury beach, playing cornhole, searching for seaglass – we love it all.”

Flynn and McDaniel look forward to this weekend’s grand opening, and the arrival of many Purple Knights to the shop. “We stay in very close contact with about a dozen St. Mike’s guys, whether in person or on our daily text thread. Several of them have promised to be on hand to show their support. We’re glad they’ll be here,” says Flynn.

McDaniel agrees. “The St. Mike’s experience runs much deeper than the four years of school. The friendships have lasted a lifetime and have given us and our families the opportunity to do something like Salty Days, because Salty Days are the Good Days.”

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