Course Catalog

Winter Session at Saint Michael’s College Course Catalog – 100% online, running December 16th, 2019 – January 10th, 2020

Business Administration
BU 214 Management – Professor Karen Popovich
This survey course covers the basic principles and management fundamentals of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Topics covered include leadership, group dynamics, team management, motivation, and communication skills.

Pre-reqs: BU 103 or BU 113 or AC 141 or AC 143. Business majors and minors only.

Political Science
PO 180 Current Issues in World Politics – Professor Jeffrey Ayres
This course provides students with an introduction to controversies and debates in world politics, through both a theoretical and case study approach.

For Saint Michael’s College students, LSC: Social and Institutional; CORE: History and Society

PS 101 General Psychology – Professor David Boynton
An introduction to the field of psychology, its methods, major perspectives, theories, and applications. The course explores basic sub-discipline areas of psychology such as neuroscience, perception, learning and memory, cognition, development, social psychology, personality, psychological disorders, and treatments.

For Saint Michael’s College students, LSC: Social and Institutional

PS 110 Lifespan Development – Professor Melissa Vanderkaay Tomasulo
Students will gain understanding of the development of human individuals through physical, cognitive, and socioemotional components from conception to death. Theoretical and experimental approaches will be examined, and emphasis will be placed on applying these principles to relationships and situations across one’s lifespan. The nature-nurture debate will also be addressed.