Besides admission to your master’s program, of course, Candidacy is one of the most significant benchmarks in your graduate study. Candidacy is a milestone that affirms your success in the degree program and more concretely plans your course work to completion. From there, you are well on your way toward completing the Capstone Paper, which is the culmination of your Master’s Degree in Education.

Your path toward Candidacy
All students in the M.Ed. and Licensure programs need to show proficiency in writing. This is assessed through successful work in two required courses: GED 516 Educational Foundations: Understanding the Past and Creating the Future and GED 558 Educator as Researcher. Once writing proficiency is attained, but prior to completing four additional courses, students need to apply for Candidacy.

In order to apply for Candidacy, M.Ed. students need to complete a (Graduate Education Candidacy Form), which will plan and schedule your course of study. Please review the guidelines before completing the Candidacy Form. Note: Statute of Limitations: You must complete your Master’s program within 7 years from the start of the first semester of course work. This includes transfer credits.

For more information on program requirements, Candidacy, Capstone, or Thesis, contact your advisor for your area.