ELL Licensure

Dozens of languages other than English are now spoken in the homes of many of Vermont’s school children. ELL teachers provide the bridge for learning for these students.

The ELL Licensure Program is available in conjunction with the Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and prepares successful candidates to teach ELL in Vermont public schools in Grades pre-kindergarten through sixth, seventh through twelfth, or pre-kindergarten through twelfth. Advisors are assigned in both programs.

Students need to apply to both the TESOL Program (for the Master’s) and the Graduate Education Program (for licensure).

There are 14 required courses for a total of 46 credits that you will need to take for the combination TESOL and ELL PK-12 Initial Licensure Programs. These courses, with their corresponding course descriptions, are listed in our Graduate Catalog under (Licensure: English to Speakers of Other Languages). There is a recommended sequence for these courses.

For other TESOL programs, contact:

Michelle Clark, MATESOL

Amy Saks Pavese, ELL Advisor