McCarthy Art Gallery

A Space for Art

The McCarthy Art Gallery is housed in the McCarthy Art Center on the campus of Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, Vt. During the regular school year the Gallery is directed and curated by Prof. Brian Collier in collaboration with students, faculty and staff from the Fine Arts Department and other members of the campus community.

Current Exhibit

Current Exhibit

"Escape" by Cameron Smith

The exhibit features a series of cut paper collages mounted in custom-made light boxes. The exhibit will be on display from February 18 through February 23.

Past Exhibits

See what artists have been featured at the McCarthy Art Gallery in the past.

Work from art installation

“Earth Press Project: Dispatch from Gaia” - Nancy Winship Milliken

Nancy Winship Milliken imprinted 5 stanzas of former VT poet laureate Chard deNiord poem on earthen blocks she made from earth and straw and then installed the work at 5 sites along the main trail of the SMC Natural Area.

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“We Are Art & Design: An Exhibition of Current Faculty Work”

Featuring the work of: Mallory Breiner, Brian Collier,Jordan Douglas, Gordon Glover, Valerie Hird, Deborah Kehoe, Will Mentor

"Adderol" - Emily Joyce

A student display by Emily Joyce