Jason Curry

    Jason Curry

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    I am the Founder and President of Big Apple Basketball, a not-for-profit organization designed to use basketball as a ‘tool’ to assist young people in their educational, athletic, professional, and life skill development.

    I began my career as a college basketball color commentator and sideline reporter, as well as a video editor.  I have worked for NY1 News, NBA Entertainment, CNN, WNBC-TV and WABC-TV. I began Big Apple Basketball in 1999 and have been working full-time with the organization since 2005.

    While at St. Michael’s, I appreciated the ability to find help on campus and from alums at any time I needed it. The support I received as a student-athlete was second to none! The SMC family continues to be an integral part of my life.

    I, like most other alums, am living the mission of SMC and care a lot about the college and want to represent it in the best way possible! I hope my financial contributions can assist the college in whatever means is best suited.

    For those of you looking to make your home at the College, I would strongly consider St. Michael’s because you will receive an excellent education from a reputable college. The support that you will receive in order to succeed will be unparalleled, and there is a tremendous opportunity to grow socially and develop yourself as a person.  For a college student, Burlington, Vermont is also a great place because it gives you a chance to explore life off-campus and interact with other college students from the area!