Valentina Rojas

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    During her time at Saint Michael’s College, Valentina worked closely with the admissions office as a member of the Founder’s Society and as an Orientation Leader. She also was a member of SMC First and the Student Government Association. After graduation, she began working for the St. Mike’s admissions office, and was working there when she and her boyfriend decided to move to Utah, which led her to her current position at Westminster College. “I wanted to continue working in higher education, so I found  this position at Westminster College and here I am,” Rojas says. When asked what person or people were more influential to her St. Mike’s experience, she mentions “Jeffrey Ayres, Tara NatarajanReza Ramazani, Mike Stefanowicz, and really everyone in the Admission Office.”

    Her favorite thing about her current position is working with prospective students and their families. “I also really enjoy the fact that I get to travel to New England and visit all my favorite places in Vermont,” Rojas says. In terms of how what she learned at St. Mike’s applies to her daily work, Rojas says, “I learned about interpersonal skills and how to communicate well, something that I do everyday in my job.” It was passion for academics and advocating for others that inspired her to pursue a graduate degree in Community and Leadership. “I am grateful for everything I learned at St. Mike’s as a student and an employee, because I have been able to use those tools at my current job,” she says.

    Rojas advises current students to “Get as involved as you can, try new things, and find your mentors.” Her favorite thing about Saint Michael’s was the community, and being able to belong to a big family.