Center for Women and Gender

The mission of the Center for Women and Gender at Saint Michael’s College is to promote awareness and activism around women’s and gender equity issues by educating students, faculty and staff. We also support individuals by providing them with resources and referrals.

In service to the Saint Michael’s community, the Center for Women and Gender:

  • Provides a visible, safe and inclusive meeting space
  • Collaborates with campus and community organizations to carry out a variety of educational and social programs
  • Works closely with campus partners to provide quality information, resources and referrals
  • Advocates for gender equality and social justice
  • Supports and nurtures women leaders on campus
  • Provides students with a network and support system
  • Values women and individuals and celebrates their achievements and the diversities of their lives

Center for Women and Gender Meeting Space

The Center has a full coffee/tea bar, snack cabinets, a resource library, cozy couches, a flat-screen TV, and much more. We are here to foster a creative, inspiring, relaxing, and supportive environment where individuals can learn about gender issues, do homework, drink tea, challenge assumptions, meet new friends, connect with local resources, raise consciousness, and build community.

Saint Michael’s College has a long-standing history of promoting and supporting volunteerism and community service. If you have an interest in women’s issues, gender equity and social justice, the Center for Women and Gender is a great place to get involved.

Volunteering at the Center is a great way to acquire new skills, build community, plan and coordinate programs, collaborate with other campus and community organizations and have a forum to express ideas and concerns related to women’s issues and gender equity. It’s a place for action, learning and celebration.

We welcome your ideas for activities or initiatives and are prepared to assist in developing plans and making them happen.

Some possible volunteer opportunities include:

  • Help staff the Center
  • Host a film night
  • Lead a discussion group
  • Support students by providing information and referrals
  • Help plan and publicize programs for “awareness” days and months, such as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, World AIDS Day, International Women’s Day, Women’s History Month
  • Start a letter writing campaign
  • Host a potluck dinner or other social events
  • Design an educational bulletin board

Brunch @ the CWG

At the beginning and end of each semester we host a celebratory brunch for students, staff and faculty. This event provides an opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with old friends while gaining familiarity with the Center and eating delicious food.

Common Ground

This student organization meets in the CWG every week. Common Ground’s mission is “to promote social awareness, especially regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and ally issues. By embracing a gay-straight alliance, we can create a safe space for people of all sexualities, gender identities, and individualities within ourselves and the Saint Michael’s Community.”

Feminists for Equality

This student organization meets in the CWG every week. Feminists for Equality’s mission is “to promote gender equality on campus through engaging events, weekly meetings, and discussion. We aim to fight against injustices women, non-binary individuals, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and racial and ethnic minorities face. In addition, we focus on combating issues regarding sexual assault, sexual harassment, and domestic violence. Lastly, we aim to empower individuals and provide a safe space for all people.”

If you’d like to contact us or get involved, please stop by the Center which is located on the second floor of Alliot Hall, Room 206.

For further information, please contact:

Nicole Noce
Center for Women and Gender Coordinator
(preferred pronouns: she/her)

Catherine Welch, Ed.D.
Associate Dean of Student Success/Title IX Coordinator
Instructor, First-Year Seminar Program
(802) 654-2271 (office)
Office Location: Alliot Hall 208