Rachel Reynolds


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    Current job title and employer and briefly describe what it is you do: I currently work as the middle school principal of Enosburg Falls Middle School in Enosburg Falls, Vermont, where I have been a leader for six years. Prior to that, I was an English/Language Arts classroom teacher at the middle and high school levels.

    Academic experience at Saint Michael's College help prepare you for your career: My coursework in both undergraduate and graduate programs prepared me very well for my career in education. SMC professors are not only supportive and engaging, they are also committed to staying current with educational best practices and state-wide changes and initiatives. In addition, education professors worked hard to model the highly effective instructional strategies they were encouraging students to use in their placements and in their own classroom. The experiences I had in SMC classes were relevant and effective in helping me feel prepared both as a classroom teacher and administrator.

    Favorite memory or class from your time studying at St. Mike’s: Professor MaryBeth Doyle’s classes were always a highlight for me because of her strong desire to connect with her students and her commitment to their growth as educators and lifelong learners.

    Completed or are completing a graduate program, please provide the name of the degree and institution: Master of Education, Saint Michael’s College; Educational Leadership Program, Saint Michael’s College

    Translated your volunteer experience at Saint Michael’s into giving back to your community after graduation: I have returned to SMC each year to lead a panel for SMC students who are completing or have completed student teaching and are ready to graduate and apply to their first teaching role. As a school administrator, I share tips about interviewing for your first teaching job as well as what to expect in your first year of teaching. The goal of this is to support new educators entering the workforce and to ensure they are as prepared as possible for their career in education. The job is demanding and can be filled with unexpected challenges, so being able to provide some insights to aspiring teachers is something I feel is important. I feel it can help them be better prepared for what their new role will bring.