Leadership offers support, prayers after Orlando tragedy

June 14, 2016

Saint Michael’s College rests fundamentally on the beliefs that faith can provide a path that respects difference as much as it leads to a singular truth.  Yet the tragic events of early Sunday morning remind us that we, as a people of God’s good earth, have a long way to go.  Our prayers go out to the victims, their families, the first responders and those citizens of Orlando who until now were better identified with a magic kingdom.  Also our prayers reach out to all those who yet again must fear because simple justice and respect for others was so horribly violated.  And our prayers go out to those of all faiths who see their beliefs so wrongly interpreted to justify horror.

As Abraham Lincoln said nearly a century and a half ago, we must now rededicate ourselves to finishing the task.  While this requires concerted political action to be sure, it also requires a change of heart and a commitment in each of us to open our hearts to understanding and acceptance that eschews simplistic answers and always keeps our eyes on what we can become when people of good will work together.

– John J. Neuhauser, president of Saint Michael’s College

As Edmundites we learn from and serve people on the margins of society. We see how the LGBT community is too often devalued, discriminated against, and distrusted. We express our profound sadness at the present manifestation of hate directed toward the LGBT community and at the loss of innocent life in Orlando. We are one human race. If any one of our members hurt, we enter into that pain with empathy, compassion and a willingness to advance healing. Our prayers go out to all who have lost loved ones from this senseless killing.

– Very Reverend Stephen Hornat, superior general of the Society of Saint Edmund
– Rev. Brian Cummings
, Society of Saint Edmund, Director of Edmundite Campus Ministry

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