How to Make Transferring Colleges Easier

September 29, 2021

How to Make Transferring Colleges EasierSo, you’re thinking about transferring to another college, huh?

Maybe the college you thought was the one for you isn’t a great fit after all. Maybe you’ve decided you want to explore another major that your current school doesn’t offer. Maybe you’ve completed your two-year degree and are ready for the next step (congratulations!).

Whatever the reason, transferring to another university doesn’t have to be hard or intimidating. Let’s look at some of the ways in which lots of colleges (including Saint Michael’s) make it easy and rewarding to become a transfer student.

First: Know that you’re not alone.

Studies tell us that 38 percent of first-time college students transfer to another institution within the first six years of their degree. At St. Michael’s, we accept hundreds of transfers into our small, close-knit community of about 1,700 students every year.

Second: Colleges can offer some pretty great benefits to transfer students.

From financial aid and scholarships to special college and career coaching, lots of universities offer select incentives to transfer students to make the switch extra appealing. Transfer students at Saint Michael’s, for example, are eligible for two tuition-free courses and/or credit-bearing internships (that’s a total of eight credits) through our Accelerated Summer College.

Third: Likely, lots of your credits will count (but make sure you do your homework first).

Each college makes its own rules about which prior credits they’ll accept and which they won’t—some schools only accept general education courses, and some are more accommodating. At St. Mike’s, as long as your courses from an accredited college correspond to offerings we have here and you got a grade of C- or better, then you should be good to go.

Bottom line: Make sure you look on your potential new college’s website for their transfer credit policies, or go right to the source and check with their admissions team to be sure your credits will count.

Fourth: Many times, it’s free!

Lots of institutions—including us—waive your application fee.

Fifth: You won’t feel like the new kid in school.

We know that starting at a new school as a non-first-year can sound daunting: Won’t everyone have already found their place and their friends? Not to worry—the National Survey of Student Engagement 2020 finds that students’ reporting on their sense of belonging at college is virtually the same for transfer students and students who started there in their first year. In fact, seniors transfer students felt slightly more connected to their colleges than their been-here-all-along counterparts.

Saint Michael’s offers transfer students personalized orientation activities help you learn campus and make connections quickly. We’ll make sure you get the individual attention you need to get settled and begin to thrive.

See, transferring to a new college sounds pretty great, right?

If you’re ready to learn more about transferring to Saint Michael’s, join us for Transfer Tuesdays, an online information session for prospective transfer students, and find out if St. Mike’s is the place for you.

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