Accelerated Summer College

Summer 2022 is now more flexible than ever with all courses offered 100% online!

Catch up, get ahead, or stay on track this summer with our online course offerings through the Accelerated Summer College!

With two, six-week sessions, you are sure to find courses that fit your needs! Here’s the rundown:

Session 1: May 23 – July 1

Choose from a wide range of flexible and convenient  100% online courses from May 23 – July 1. In Summer Session 1, students can earn up to eight credits (two classes) in just six weeks.

Session 2: July 5 – August 12

Choose from a wide range of flexible and convenient  100% online courses. In Summer Session 2, students can earn up to eight credits (two classes) in just six weeks.

Courses for Summer Session 1 and 2 are priced at $525/credit (except for ID 498). Students will purchase all textbooks and course materials on their own. 

Please note, all courses are subject to change. Registration ends May 22 for Summer Session 1, and July 4 for Summer Session 2

Why ASC?

  • All courses are available to both Saint Michael’s and non-Saint Michael’s students. For non-Saint Michael’s students, please note credits are transferable at the discretion of the receiving institution.
  • Catch up, get ahead, or stay on track! Students are eligible to complete up to two courses per session – that’s a semester in a summer!
  • Affordability – all courses are priced at a significant discount compared to fall/spring semester tuition
  • Convenience – all courses are 100% online and most are asynchronous!
  • Register  today to reserve your spot – classes are filling up fast!

Session 1 Courses

Course Code Course Name Instructor Delivery Method
AR 214 Digital Animation & Motion Graphics Gordon Glover Online (asynchronous)
BI 108 Human Nutrition Jim Willard Online (asynchronous)
BI 207 Human Anatomy and Physiology Paul Constantino Online (asynchronous)
BU 215 Marketing Robert Letovsky Online (asynchronous)
EN 301 Poetry Writing Workshop Greg Delanty Online (synchronous – weekly meetings Wednesdays from 2pm-5pm)
ES 107 Environmental Science David Heroux Online (asynchronous)
ID 498 Internship Practicum Paul Olsen Online (asynchronous)
MJD 209 Introduction to Digital Photography and Visual Storytelling Jerry Swope Online (asynchronous)
PH 250 Introduction to Logic Patrick Standen Online (asynchronous)
PO 120 Introduction to American National Politics Daniel Simmons Online (asynchronous)
PO 285 Introduction to Comparative Politics Michael Bosia Online (asynchronous)
PS 110 Lifespan Development Melissa VanderKaay Tomasulo Online (asynchronous)
PS 252 Child Development Renee Carrico Online (asynchronous)
PS 350 Psychology of Health and Illness  Melissa Vanderkaay Tomasulo Online (asynchronous)
SO 221 Race and Ethnic Relations Inaash Islam Online (asynchronous)

Session 2 Courses

Course Code Course Name Instructor Delivery Method
AL 101 Introduction to Language and Linguistics April Shandor Online (mix of synchronous and asynchronous)
BU 111 Excel and Business Applications Karen Popovich Online (asynchronous)
BU 214 Management Karen Popovich Online (asynchronous)
CH 101 Concepts in Chemistry Christina Chant Online (asynchronous)
ES 106 Environment and Society Trevien Stanger Online (asynchronous)
ID 498 Internship Practicum  Ingrid Peterson Online (asynchronous)
MU 247 History of Rock William Ellis Online (asynchronous)
PB 101 Introduction to Public Health TBA Online (asynchronous)
PO 245 International Relations Jeff Ayres Online (asynchronous)
PO 286 Politics of the World Economy Shefali Misra Online (asynchronous)
PS 101 General Psychology Melissa McDuffie Online (asynchronous)
PS 250 Social Psychology Sarah Nosek Online (asynchronous)
RS 120 Christianity Past and Present  Eva Pascal Online (asynchronous)
ST 120 Elementary Statistics   Warren Sides  Online (asynchronous)