Winter session courses meet wide array of student needs

Flexible schedules, significant accomplishment in short time and good value among many benefits, says coordinator Roberge '12

November 3, 2022
By Elizabeth Syverson '23

Janel Roberge ’12

As the fall 2022 semester winds down, faculty and students alike can look forward to the annual winter session offered at Saint Michael’s College. Running from December 19 through January 13 this year, the College will offer five asynchronous courses including Digital Animation and Motion Graphics, Management, Environmental Science, Current Issues in World Politics, and Lifespan Development.

According to Janel Roberge, the new Coordinator of Online and Non-Traditional Programs as of May 2022, the main benefits of the winter session are threefold:

  • Students can enjoy flexible schedules — “Earning credits while in your pajamas is real!” she said, smiling.
  • A feeling of accomplishment for learning so much in just a four-week period, and
  • The reduced per credit rate of the courses.

Whether it be a senior needing an extra course to graduate, an athlete looking to lighten his or her course load for the upcoming season, a student looking to graduate early, or simply someone wanting to take advantage of the reduced per credit rate, the list of reasons to take advantage of the winter session runs the gamut. “It truly feels like there is something for everyone,” Roberge said.

winter scene

Winter on campus — beautiful and chill.

For Caroline Curley ‘23, a psychology major with a biology minor looking to attend an accelerated nursing program after graduation, the winter session allowed her to complete the prerequisites without much difficulty.

“I decided on the later side what direction I wanted to go in post-grad, but having the opportunity to take winter courses in my junior year made it possible for me to continue with my psychology major, add a biology minor, and complete the additional prerequisites for accelerated nursing programs,” Curley said.

“While the winter courses are accelerated, they are adapted to cover all the necessary information, so I ended the courses feeling confident in the topic and having learned a lot,” she said. “It is a bit of a time commitment while you are on break, but was well worth it to prepare me for my future.”

Current students interested in the winter session may view the course offerings and register online through the KnightVision Self-Service portal. With questions, contact

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