MATESOL On-Campus Program

Saint Michael's Master's in TESOL combines theory and practice in a 36-credit program.

Required Courses (All courses are three credits)

GSL 500 Foundations of Linguistics

GSL 502 Pedagogical Grammar

GSL 542 Introduction to Language Teaching

GSL 543 Teaching of Oral Skills in ESOL

GSL 544 Teaching Reading and Writing in ESOL

GSL 604 Second Language Acquisition

GSL 606 Curriculum and Syllabus Design

GSL 620 Principles of Testing and Assessment in Language Teaching

GSL 690 Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

GSL Electives (All courses are three credits)

GSL 520 Computer Assisted Language Learning

GSL 546 K-12 Literacy in ESOL

GSL 547 ESOL in the Content Areas

GSL 563 Content-Based Instruction and English for Specific Purposes

GSL 564 Literature in TESOL

GSL 600 Teaching Vocabulary in ESOL

GSL 602 Intercultural Communication

GSL 608 Discourse / Error Analysis

GSL 612 Bilingualism and Multicultural Education

GSL 655 Language Learning and Assessment for Children

GSL 689 Special Seminar in TESOL

GSL 692 Independent Study: Advanced Practicum

Additional Course Requirements (Students follow one of the listed tracks)

Portfolio Track

Choose three electives from the GSL Elective Course List

Develop a portfolio that encompasses your teaching philosophy

Thesis Track

Choose two electives from the GSL Elective Course List

Take GSL 691 – Write a research thesis and deliver a thesis defense presentation

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